Autumn/Fall Theme Wedding & Shower Ideas

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With the start of Autumn just around the corner, it’s a popular time to celebrate upcoming events. Whether it’s a shower for bride or baby or a wedding, it almost seems like a no-brainer to take advantage of the crisp air and cozy feel this time of year brings.

An autumnal theme is not difficult to carry out, no matter how front and center you want its elements to become. If you happen to choose a fall theme for your wedding and your planning begins well beforehand, stock up on décor and supplies at the end of fall the previous year when they’re marked down in price. Products are so similar from one year to the next, no one will ever know the difference!

This is probably the most obvious play on words – but a wedding this time of year will automatically make you think of “fall”-ing in love. This works just as well for a bridal shower as it does the wedding invitation, itself.

Photo From Etsy Shop

Photo From Etsy Shop: Doodlebug & peep

Pumpkins and apples are a versatile choice in food – and they make great displays on this theme.

Photo Found On Karlee’s Blog

A build-your-own caramel apple station would be a great favor or dessert table at any fall-themed event.

Photo Found Here Photo Credit: Cristel at Curiosity Garden Studios

Another sweet for the sweet? Donuts and cider! A sure crowd pleaser at any celebration

If you used a theme like “fall”-ing in love with the invitations, why not carry it out to the event itself? A banner bearing the tag line and accompanying garland would be easy to craft but also readily available on a site like Etsy!

Photo Found Here

For a baby shower, why not make the day all around the little pumpkin? This is another theme that would be great to start out with on the invitation.

Photo From Etsy shop:

From Etsy shop: Paperstrip 

All other décor – whether shower or reception should showcase the season’s best parts of nature – leaves, apples, pumpkins, pinecones, cranberries and spices all make for beautiful, simple and affordable ways to get into the spirit!

Photo Source:

Photo Found On Savvy Sassy Moms 

Happy Autumn!


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