Proposal Stories We Love

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If you just love a great proposal story, you must check out HowHeAsked which shares some of the sweetest proposal stories we’ve ever heard.

We thought we would share just a few of our favorites from the site:

Rachel and Patrick – New York City!

Chase and Brit – Outdoors!

Aroha and Wynne – Video Included!

Rob and Danielle – In Paris!

We also found some more awesome stories on this Bridal Guide site. There are 48 truly spectacular stories to read here. Each one is so special. We can’t stop reading!

Do you have a fantastic proposal story? We would love to hear it!


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Meet Willow Writer Jenna and fiancé Chris! How they met, the proposal, and lots of pictures!

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Jenna E. Faas & Christopher M. Schmidt

How We Met

The year was 2008, and it was the summer before my senior year of High School. I had been looking for a summer job so I could start saving money for the next biggest step in my life: college. My mom informed me that her boss Mark, (Christopher’s dad) was looking for a summer intern who would be responsible for organizing all the files in the office and updating and entering data in the database. I accepted the position, excited for the opportunity to work with my mom.  On my first day of work I wore my glasses instead of my contacts assuming that all the people who worked at Jenna1Hampton Technical Associates were my mom’s age….wrong!  This is where I first laid eyes on Christopher Schmidt.  His light blue eyes were the first thing I noticed about him when we were briefly introduced the morning of my first day. I can’t say for sure that it was love at first sight, but I know I felt the nervous butterflies in my stomach. From then on, I dressed up to go to work and during our lunch hour I would always try talking to him. Chris went to Penn State for civil engineering and he was working on getting his professional engineering license. Chris is a very shy person,so I know I did most of the talking. I wasn’t brave enough to ask him if he wanted to go on a date because I was eight and a half years younger than him and I wasn’t confident that he would want to. As the summer drew to a close, I was very disappointed that he did not ask for my number. I felt like all hope was lost.Jenna2

In a twist of fate, I had tickets to the Pirates’ last game of the season.  Every year at the last home game, different prizes are given away to fans if their rows are selected. My row happened to be selected for one of the prizes and each person in the row won a set of four tickets to Seven Springs to use for either skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing. Since my aunt, uncle, and brother were with me, between us we had acquired sixteen tickets. Since I am not a very coordinated person, we decided to use the tickets for snow tubing, but since we had such a large number of tickets we didn’t know who to ask to go with us. My mom joked around and said that she was going to ask Chris and I joked back that it wasn’t a bad idea. My mom did end up asking Chris to come along and told him that he could bring his twin brother, too. We planned the outing in March because a friend of mine called Seven Springs to make sure they were still opened.

When we arrived at Seven Springs I was surprised to see that Chris was sitting in the parking lot. He had come by himself which I was also surprised by since the outing mainly consisted of my family and a few friends. We entered the ski lodge all very excited about the prospect of snow tubing.


We were disappointed to find that all winter activities had ended the weekend before, so my friend had misunderstood the voice recorded message when she called Seven Springs. We had made the trip to Seven Springs for nothing. Instead of wasting the day, we all decided to find somewhere for lunch and my mom suggested that I ride with Chris so that he wouldn’t have to drive by himself. We had such a great conversation on the way to the restaurant and I was able to find out his cell phone number.

I had talked to my boss, Mark, before leaving Hampton Technical and he said I could return when I had breaks from school and after my senior year so I could work the summer before college. I was going to work over Easter break, but I didn’t want to wait that long to see Chris again. I typed out a text message to him asking him if he wanted to go see a movie, but I hesitated to send it. What if he didn’t want to go with me to see it?  I showed my friend the message and asked her what she thought I should do.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. “I sent the message for you.”

“What! Why would you do that?” I cried.

“Because I knew you would never send the message,” she replied.

I fretted the whole day wondering what his response would be to my message. I was shocked and surprised when he had said yes. We met at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall to see the movie called The Knowing and I told myself that if he paid for my ticket it was an official date. Chris had the tickets bought before I had even arrived at the theater!  We both thought the movie was really strange, but I was happy that he wanted to go to Eat ’n Park afterwards for dessert. We talked for a really long time and when he said:

“When can I see you again?”

I said:  “How about tomorrow,” and we have been inseparable ever since.

How He Proposed

I spent the next four years of my life continuing my education at California University of Pennsylvania working on a bachelor’s degree in Geology. I returned home every weekend to visit Christopher and he came down to Cal U one day a week when I wasn’t working my two part time jobs. I figured that Chris wouldn’t propose while I was in school since I was focused on getting my degree. I thought for sure he would ask me at my graduation, because we had been together for four years. Apparently Chris wanted to plan it out and make it special.JennaGrad1JennaGrad

In September, shortly after I started my new job at Moody and Associates, an environmental company in Houston PA, Chris took me to dinner at a very nice restaurant.


I honestly was not expecting anything since I had almost given up on the idea of a proposal. After dinner he suggested that we go up to Mt. Washington just to walk out on the balconies and look at the city all lit up at night. I was starting to be suspicious when I noticed that Chris was acting nervous. Any time other people would walk out on the overlook, I could tell he was anxious. As I mentioned before, Chris is very shy and does not like being the center of attention especially around strangers. Finally, we were the only ones on the overlook.

Before I knew it, Chris was down on one knee, pulling out a ring and asking me if I would marry him.

“Is this really happening?” I asked excitedly.  I was so shocked and excited that I didn’t answer right away.

“Well?” Chris asked still kneeling on the ground.

“Yes!  Of course I want to marry you!” I replied.



Honestly, just as I said yes, fireworks went off from Heinz Field. They were really for the Steeler game, but according to me I believe they were just for us.  e are now in the process of planning our wedding which will take place August 22, 2015.


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This Week In Weddings!

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Celebrity Weddings
Lauren Conrad, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame, has always been a style maven. She recently shared a sneak peek of some of her engagement photos with her groom William Tell, and we just had to share! Classic and beautiful. Photographs were done by Elizabeth Messina.

Wedding Proposals
We love this really cute Pictionary proposal we found online. The gal had no idea!!!!

Wedding Articles
A new article floating around this week entitled “Ten Wedding Vows Based On Relationship Science” by Samantha Joel is getting a lot of buzz. What are your thoughts on these vows, based out of research?

I study romantic relationships. I’m also engaged. So, of course, I’ve given a tremendous amount of thought as to what it really means for my partner and I to marry one another. Researchers have found that weddings are deeply significant life events, but we don’t really know why they’re so meaningful. Marriage may simply be about celebrating a milestone: recognizing the relationship that a couple has built together and the love that they share for each other. But weddings are also very future-oriented, as the couple publicly promises to maintain their relationship for life. I suspect that it’s really these vows — the solemn promises that the newlyweds make to each other in front of their closest friends and family — that are at the crux of why weddings have such an emotional impact.

No pressure. As my partner and I sat down to think about our own vows, clearly we had a lot to consider. If these promises are the essence of what it means to be married, then what exactly do we want to promise each other? We could always go with the traditional marriage vows: for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better for worse… but, these seemed a bit too vague for our tastes. We decided that we wanted to make more specific, behavioural promises: things we can strive to do for each other that would help us to not only remain together, but also happy and fulfilled in our marriage.

Conveniently, I had decades of research at my fingertips to help us figure out what it really means to be a good spouse. Why not harness those resources for our wedding? In other words — and this may sound completely over-the-top nerdy to some — we decided to write some research-based vows.

Below are the ten promises that we’ve decided to make to each other. We believe that each of these promises is going to help us to achieve long-term marital bliss. Here’s why. Click here to read the vows.

Wedding Rings
It’s usually near the bottom of your to-do list, but finding wedding bands to suit you and your new groom is a lot of fun and very special. There are a variety of choices, and nothing is off-limits anymore. We looked for some out-of-the box designs, and wanted to share a few of our favorite finds with you! All of the below are from Shane Co.

Honeymoon Ideas
New England!

Skiing in Vermont, gazing at the New Hampshire mountains, taking a historic stroll in Massachusetts, sandy beaches in Connecticut and Rhode Island, or a trip to a lighthouse in Maine, these six states offer so many options.
Today we explore: Vermont!

We found a quaint hotel called The Village Inn of Woodstock that we adore! There’s an in-house tavern, only open to inn residents, and you can get a free glass of wine from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm each day during your stay. With many packages, fireplace rooms or classic rooms, this is sure to be a romantic getaway.

Photo courtesy of Village Inn website

Photo courtesy of Village Inn website

The Tavern. Photo courtesy of Village Inn website

The Tavern. Photo courtesy of Village Inn website

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This Week in Weddings! Valentine’s Day Edition!

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This week is all Valentine’s Day themed wedding ideas and stories!! Love is in the air.

Wedding Inspiration
Some great Valentine’s Day Wedding Pinterest Boards to follow!


Pinned from The Bridal Detective

Wedding Proposals
What an amazing video and Valentine’s Day proposal.
Check out what Logan did for his bride-to-be, Laura!

Wedding Style
Style Me Pretty shares amazing photos of a Valentine’s Day themed wedding. We love them all!
Click here to see all the photos!

Style Concept: Hey Gorgeous Events, and Photography by Elizabeth Kaye,

Style Concept: Hey Gorgeous Events, and Photography by Elizabeth Kaye,

Wedding Favors
Here are a few of our favorites!
Heart shaped measuring spoons.

Key To My Heart Bottle Openers

Heart Shaped Cork Coasters

Honeymoon Ideas
Cupid’s Cabin in Honeymoon Hills, Gatlinburg TN

“Private cabin with upstairs loft bedroom for two featuring King bed, huge red heart-shaped jacuzzi for 2, outdoor hot tub, pool table nestled on our beautiful and secluded private mountain top – fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, Free Wi-Fi, 2 large HDTV’s, DVD player, private deck overlooking wooded view.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

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This Week in Weddings

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A new feature to the blog! Every Monday, we will scour the web and find top news and trends about all things wedding. Read, share, comment, send us links you find, let us know what you think! Your one stop shop every Monday for all the latest. Enjoy!

Wedding Proposals
A really cute proposal video that went viral recently: Peter Pan asks Wendy to be his wife.
Get ready for some tears. This is amazing!

Wedding Contests
Want to win the ultimate Bachelor and Bachelorette party in Atlantic City? Check out the “Show Us Your Bling Contest” sponsored by DO AC.

PRNewsFoto/Atlantic City Alliance

PRNewsFoto/Atlantic City Alliance

All recently engaged couples are asked to upload a picture of their engagement bling to, Instagram photos, Tweets and/or Vine videos with the hashtag #ShowUsYourBling by March 14. One prize winning couple will be chosen to win the Ultimate DO AC Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. With New Jersey now offering same-sex marriage, all engaged couples are welcome to enter.
Click here to read the entire article and view the prize list!

Wedding Style
All about the guys this week!
We really love this blog from Miss Romantic Bride: Stephanie on It’s A Bride’s Life, on unique looks for the men.
Read the article here.

Suspenders. Photo from It's  A Bride's Life

Suspenders. Photo from It’s A Bride’s Life

Wedding Photography
Photo of the day from Blue Martini Photography
From Bridal Guide Magazine
Bubbles! Makes for a magical little burst of shimmer.

Photo credit: Blue Martini Photography

Photo credit: Blue Martini Photography

First Dance Songs
Don’t have a song… Nothing really every captured the two of you to the point you knew that was the song you wanted to dance to the first time you did as husband and wife? It happens! But, we are here to help.
Michael Bublé
You cannot go wrong with any of his songs. Some are upbeat, some are slow, but all are pretty magical.
He’s a crooner for the ages. We’ve picked some favorites for you to sample below. 

Honeymoon Ideas
Vegas! Entertainment galore! Casinos, fine dining, singers, comedians, golf, Red Rock Canyon, and so much more. This is a high-energy trip, not a relaxing beach vacation. This is for the couple that loves the have a good time and wants to stay busy! Check out the Four Seasons as just one of many options.


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This Week in Weddings

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A new feature to the blog! Every Monday, we will scour the web and find top news and trends about all things wedding. Read, share, comment, send us links you find, let us know what you think! Your one stop shop every Monday for all the latest. Enjoy!

Wedding Shoes
We are loving this strappy number from David Tutera’s collection, available in gold and silver.
Click here for details.

Photo from

Photo from

Celebrity Wedding News
Justin Bartha of The Hangover franchise got married this week to fitness trainer, Lia Smith in Hawaii!
Read the details here.


Wedding Proposals
Nothing like a Taylor Swift-inspired proposal!
Read the entire article here.

Tiffany, Taylor, and Sam. Photo from

Tiffany, Taylor, and Sam. Photo from

How we met: Once upon a time, Sam and I had both worked the Apple Store as Concierge. One day, it was quite busy, and at the time the only thing I was thinking was, “hmm, there is a new hire in the back, and I need help!” So I went to the back and asked for help..well, I more or less yelled at Sam and a few fellow coworkers of mine explaining that I “needed help!” Turns out, he volunteered to help with inventory that night..not to help me… (oops!) Somehow how that approach won me my prince. We had gone out in a group, and it just was wonderful. We both liked the same music, he was into photography, he was pretty dang attractive; I was completely smitten. I had gone on vacation out to Monterey, CA for about a week right after that, and we were immediately attached at the hip thanks to technology. From the moment he picked me up at the airport, we began this adventure. Two years ago today in fact, I began the rest of my life.

Wedding Photography
Photo of the day from Jessica Claire on Polka Dot Bride via
From Bridal Guide Magazine

Photo Credit: Jessica Claire

DIY Weddings
Martha Stewart Weddings has a channel on YouTube, packed with  DIY wedding ideas!
We love these photo favors! Video tutorial below!

We also found this cute idea from LikeHearted’s YouTube channel, personalized name hangers.
Cute idea to make for a bride, or for your bridesmaids. Video tutorial below.

Honeymoon Ideas
We’ve been showcasing a lot of beaches in the past few weeks, so how about a rustic getaway?
Like Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado.

Photos from Dunton Hot Springs website

Photos from Dunton Hot Springs website

“Retreat to romantic Dunton Hot Springs and reconnect with your loved one. From the rustic charm of the beautifully appointed cabins, to the natural splendor of the mineral hot springs, Dunton provides the perfect setting for a romantic getaway,” says their website.

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This Week in Weddings

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A new feature to the blog! Every Monday, we will scour the web and find top news and trends about all things wedding. Read, share, comment, send us links you find, let us know what you think! Your one stop shop every Monday for all the latest. Enjoy!

Wedding Trends for 2014
This article explores the new trends in food, flowers, and decor!
From Waco Today

The rustic wedding theme is getting a cosmopolitan update in 2014, according to the experts. “People are tired of the shabby-chic thing, so they’re going for an old world glamour kind of vibe,” says Sara Burnett, the editor of wedding-inspiration blog Burnett’s Boards.

Peonies, picture courtesy of Waco Today

Peonies, photo courtesy of Waco Today

Peonies are the flowers of the moment, and the bigger the better to make a statement piece that pops. Round out a peony bouquet with fillers like roses and hydrangeas. Tulips are a hot flower that can stand on their own in a vase. Read more.

Wedding Proposals
There are a lot of great proposal stories out there. We want to hear yours! Send your story, or your video, to marketing@thewillowroom and be featured on next week’s blog.  We found a really cool website called with tons of stories and videos. Check out Glenna and Mike’s beautiful proposal in the snow!

Wedding Shoes
Looking for a totally different kind of shoe for your wedding? We found a site called Irregular Choice that offers some very unique designs and styles! For info on the shoe below, click here

Flick Flack, photo from Irregular Choice website

Flick Flack, photo courtesy of Irregular Choice website

Wedding Photography
Photo of the day from Amanda Patrice
From Bridal Guide Magazine

Credit: Amanda Patrice

Spectacular Wedding Sites
From Bridal Guide Magazine

With its awe-inspiring views and intimate, serene vibe, the South Peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia is a stunning place to tie the knot—if you’re daring enough to climb up to the 900-foot summit. Avid rock climbers Bob and Antonie Ewing did just that. Read the article here and check out the amazing photos!

Credit: John Ewing

Credit: John Ewing

Celebrity Wedding News
Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl, will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 2016, and they are planning a HUGE party! Read all about it.

Honeymoon Ideas
Komandoo, Maldives Resort
Adults only, over water bungalows, water sports, fine dining; this resort has it all.


Photo courtesy of Komandoo Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Komandoo Facebook page


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