10 Reasons to Dream of a White, Winter Wedding

December 4, 2015 at 8:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Winter Wedding

Everyone loves a good summer wedding with the warm weather, long nights, and bright sunshiny days, but there is something seriously cool (pun intended) about the magic of a wintertime wedding! We asked real Pittsburgh-area newlyweds why they decided to have winter weddings, and here are their top 10 reasons why they recommend a winter wedding:

  1. Picture Perfect

We have two words for you: winter wonderland. If you’ve never seen pictures from a winter wedding blessed with delicately falling snow, we recommend you pause in your reading to do a Google image search right now to see what you’ve been missing! While no one can guarantee snow (especially for a Pennsylvania wedding!), the possibility of having photos of a snow-kissed scene while you and your spouse share a kiss make it worth it!

  1. Lower Costs and Better Availability

Wintertime weddings tend to have an advantage of cost savings over peak periods like summer. Depending on the date and day of the week you choose, you could end up receiving significant discounts as well as better availability for your favorite photographer, venue, DJ/band, and much more. Plus, you could take advantage of the huge savings during the holiday months to purchase your rings, décor, and accessories for the big day.

  1. Holiday – Celebrate!

If you and your spouse-to-be have family and friends living outside of the area where you plan to be married, having a winter wedding around the holidays could be the perfect opportunity to include guests in your wedding who might otherwise not be able to make it. Although the holidays are usually “the most wonderful time of the year,” you can make it even more special and personal by choosing to be married on a holiday itself!

  1. Built-In Décor

Whether you’re watching your budget or simply in love with the festiveness that comes with the holiday season, choosing a winter wedding means beautifully built-in décor everywhere from churches to reception sites to even city streets and squares!

  1. Romance

Sweetly scented garland, pops of bright holly, flickering candles, tinkling sleigh bells – winter weddings outright boast of romance! Plus, the chilly weather means extra snuggling for both newlyweds and guests. 😉

  1. Color Palette and Fashion

The colors of the season – deep blues with bright silver, or rich combinations of red, gold, and green – give winter weddings a stunning sophistication. In turn, long, flowing cloaks and capes with furry accents will keep you warm while also providing a distinct elegance. You could also choose to get funky with your accessories – consider wearing white winter boots and carrying an umbrella if it’s snowing!

  1. Earlier Evenings

Having the evenings setting in earlier can be a bit of a drag, but having the sun set earlier on your wedding day can add romance to your ceremony, reception, and your photos. Plus, an early evening means more time for you and your guests to dance and celebrate the night away!

  1. Be Different!

We all know that summertime means wedding time – you and a lot of your guests will travel from wedding to wedding, week to week all summer long. A winter wedding could mean higher guest attendance since you won’t be competing with as many weddings, and it could be a welcome break for your guests! And while there is traditional winter wedding décor and color palettes, don’t be afraid to incorporate bright colors and vibrant patterns into your wedding day if you long for a break from tradition.

  1. Comfort Food and Drinks

Each season brings its own seasonal food and drinks, and wintertime means deliciously filling comfort food and warm drinks that give you a hug from the inside. The Willow Room offers gourmet menus as well as coffee bars and other fun stations, so we can work with you to get a wintertime menu you and your guests will love!

  1. Honeymoon

While having a winter wedding can be spectacularly beautiful with snow and ice, going on a tropical honeymoon and coming back with a tan can make your winter wedding experience that much better! If the tropics aren’t quite what you had in mind, though, consider going on your honeymoon over a holiday break from school and work in order to get the most out of your travel time.

Are you officially dreaming of your own white winter wedding?! Visit The Willow Room online at www.thewillowroom.com to view photos, floor plans, and more, and contact The Willow Room at (724) 379-5666 to schedule a tour, discuss availability, and start your journey to the perfect winter wedding!


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