Choosing Your Wedding Vendors: Top 10 Tips

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Choosing your wedding vendors can seem like an overwhelming task. With so many elements to today’s weddings, you are entering into contracts with a dozen or more people who will basically handle the most important parts of your day. How do you choose the right vendors for you?

Don’t fear! Usually your venue will be the first place that can help you navigate through the endless options. At The Willow Room, for example, we offer a preferred vendor list to our couples. You can find that list on our website here.

These vendors are ones we have personally worked with and found to reflect the style and quality consistent with our couple’s expectations of our venue. They also offer special deals and incentives for our couples.

If your venue doesn’t offer something similar, you can head online and visit sites like The Knot or WeddingWire and use their search functionality to find vendors in your area.

Here are our Top 10 tips when choosing wedding vendors:

1. Set interviews with potential vendors, either via phone or in-person and make sure they understand your vision.

2. Work with people who make you feel comfortable.

3. If you get recommendations from a vendor you have already contracted, to work with another vendor, follow-up. For instance, your bakery may work with a florist. Their experience in working together will be vital in a consistent look and feel to your big day.

4. Read over the fine print and make sure you understand everything in the contract. For example, a photographer may tell you you cannot share your photos online without a watermark, while others may have a more relaxed policy.

5. Don’t always look for the cheapest price. Look for what works best for you. Every vendor has different capabilities and depending on your day, cheaper may be the wrong way to go.

6. Decide your splurge. Maybe it’s the photographer, maybe it’s the DJ. Usually there is one area of the wedding that couples really want to focus on. If dancing is what you’re all about, invest in the right DJ. On the other hand, for an outdoor daytime wedding without dancing, flowers and decor may be more important.

7. Discuss your options as a couple. If one of you doesn’t have a good gut feeling, it’s best to make another choice.

8. Ask for advice on social media and on wedding forums and blogs. You will be able to see real people’s reviews and testimonials of vendor services.

9. Do your research online. Look at vendor’s websites, social media networks and brochures, and see which ones fit with your requirements.

10. Have fun! Choosing your vendors is such an exciting part of your wedding planning. Don’t let it stress you out. Just take one day at a time and remember it’s perfectly alright to ask for help. Your bridal party, your parents, your siblings, your friends, they are there to support you as you enter the next chapter.

Any other tips you would add? Let us know!


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