Update from Willow Writer Danielle: Food Selections!

March 30, 2015 at 12:57 pm (Wedding Planning Tips) (, , , , , , , , , )

This month has been quite eventful! We tasted the amazing food for the reception, and to say the least I was stuffed when we left! I personally like the idea of giving guests a choice between a beef and a white meat. We chose the Chicken Marsala (it was so flavorful and tender) and the Beef Tips (it literally fell apart it was so tasty!)

We started the meal off with Potato Leek soup, Wedding soup and the Wisconsin Beer, Bacon and Cheese soup! (All of them were amazing!) However, I wanted to think as one of our guests and what they would want so we chose the Wedding soup.

After, the delicious assortment of food tasting the Chef came out to meet us, and my husband-to-be commented how the cheese soup was the best he had ever had in his entire life, but that he got over ruled by me.

After we were almost finished with our meals, the Chef came out with two quarts of cheese soup and told David this was his wedding gift from the Chef and to enjoy! Well, after we got home and ate the entire two quarts of soup that evening we both decided that this was going to replace the Wedding soup option for our dinner menu!!

Our other sides are going to be the Potato Cups that reminds me of a twice baked potato and the Glazed Carrots with no nuts because David is deathly allergic!!!

I just really appreciated how The Willow Room went the extra step to make us both feel so special on that day and we got free soup! Can’t wait for what April has in store…….choosing invites, favors and more!!!


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