5 Apps To Download Today To Help With Wedding Planning

March 26, 2015 at 1:25 pm (Event Planning Tips) (, , , , , , , )

Apps. We sure do use a lot in our everyday lives. Our phones probably house pages of apps ranging from ones that help us with banking and mail to those for games and messaging.

We compiled 5 helpful apps for wedding planning! And a few of these are just great in general for any type of event planning!

1. EverNote
Share notes with your bridesmaids, your future spouse, or just yourself. Stay organized with color coding options and check off items as they are completed. Even plan notes for months ahead of time, ensuring you stay on track.

2. WeddingWire
This is really a family of apps. Apps for managing your budget and guest list; apps to search and compare vendors; apps to browse wedding dresses; and even social apps where you can share event details and collect your guests’ photos from the actual wedding day!

3. Venmo
This is a free app for sharing payments. Just connect your bank account, have your bridesmaids or groomsman download the app and do the same and now you all have easy access to send payments safely and securely to one another. This comes in handy so no one has to worry about writing checks. If you purchased all of the bridesmaid dresses or tuxes, this is an easy way to collect the money from your bridal party with ease.

4. Gracious Eloise
This app helps you create handwritten notes digitally! Their site relays “our technology replicates the unique characteristics of any handwriting. Once your digital handwriting and personalized stationery are loaded onto our web app, you can start typing handwritten notes right away. Take ten minutes to complete our handwriting sample form and you can ditch the pen forever!” This is great for sending a quick note to thank your vendors or even compose thank you notes for your wedding guests.

5. Zola
“Zola is an all-in-one, flexible registry that allows you to register for beautiful gifts, memorable experiences, cash/honeymoon funds and anything from any store.” With many couples already owning most of the standard registry items like things for the kitchen or other housewares, this gives guests a chance to give the couple cash or gifts that can go right towards the honeymoon!

There are so many wonderful planning apps available. If you have any you think we should add to this list, please comment below!


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