Willow Writer Jenna found her dress and bridesmaid dresses!

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When I got engaged in September of last year, one of my first thoughts about my wedding was finding my wedding dress. I had been watching TV shows like David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding and Say Yes to the Dress and I knew how excited brides would get when they found the one dress that made them feel like a bride. I couldn’t wait to go out with my mom and my bridesmaids and try on hundreds of dresses to find the one.

Not long after I had got engaged, my mom, Jodie, Ashley, and I had gone out shopping to a few craft stores to get ideas for the wedding. While we were out, we decided to stop at a bridal store to get ideas for bridesmaid dresses. I had no intention of looking for my dress that day, but as soon as we walked in, we saw a beautiful princess dress hanging in the middle of the store.

            “Jenna, it is so beautiful. You have to try it on,” Jodie exclaimed.

So I agreed and we got a changing room for me so I could try the dress on. For as beautiful as the dress was, I hated it on me. I did not feel like a princess or a bride. I was disappointed and Jodie and Ashley picked out a few more for me to try. Everything I tried on that day I hated. I did not like how I looked and even though I probably only tried on five to ten that day I felt discouraged.

One evening a few weeks later, my mom and I went to Alfred Angelo’s just to have fun trying on dresses.  I did not go with any intentions of finding a dress. This night was purely a girl’s night out with my mom.  The girls at Alfred Angelo’s in Monroeville were very nice and really helpful. They gave me a catalog to look through and I marked the dresses I wanted to try. I knew I was looking for a ball gown type dress because I wanted to look like a princess on my wedding day. Alfred Angelo’s had this line of dresses called the Disney Collection and I was determined to try all of them on.

Danielle, the girl who was helping me in the dressing room, was super nice. Based on my choices she was able to select other options that she thought I would like. My mom and I were having a fun time and I liked the dresses at Alfred Angelo’s a lot better than the other bridal store. I felt pretty in the dresses, but I hadn’t got any special feelings with the first few dresses I tried on. I didn’t think I would cry when I found my dress, but I was expecting to feel something. I tried my way through the Disney Collection and I really liked the Snow White dress, but I still wasn’t sure. I found a dress in the catalog that I liked, but it was not in the Disney Collection so I decided to go out of the box and try it on. Danielle helped me get into it and I came out to look in the full-length mirror. The dress was amazingly beautiful and I loved it on me. The dress was strapless and it had embroidered lace with metallic accents and crystal beading.  The train was longer and is considered a semi-cathedral train and the lace and beading covered the whole train. I spun around in front of the mirror and my mom looked like she was going to cry. I did not feel overly emotional about it, but I knew I really liked it. My mom picked out some veils just to see what the dress would look like with one. I stress the fact that I really liked it, but I still wasn’t sure. I had also liked the Snow White dress. I continued to try on dresses until Alfred Angelo’s was about to close, still unsure of the dresses I had tried on.

As I was leaving Danielle said, “You’ll know you found your dress when it’s the one you can’t stop thinking about.”

When I went home I thought about the Snow White dress and the other dress that I had really liked. I couldn’t decide if I liked one more than the other so I called Jodie and Ashley and asked them to come to Alfred Angelo’s to see both dresses. I wanted to see what their opinions were. That night when I fell asleep I dreamt of my wedding and in the dream I was wearing one of the dresses.

So on Saturday, Jodie and Ashley went with me to Alfred Angelo’s. I tried on the Snow White dress first and they both agreed that it was pretty and that they liked it. Looking at the dress on again, I did like it, but I felt like a little girl that was about to get married. Then I put on the other dress. When I came out of the dressing room I had a huge smile on my face. This was the dress I had dreamed about. Looking at this dress again I felt like a woman not a child. I felt like a bride who was about to get married.

Both Ashley and Jodie were smiling and my mom was crying again.

“You’re glowing in that dress,” Jodie commented.

“I don’t think she could smile any bigger,” Ashley said.

“I really love this dress,” I admitted.

I twirled in front of the mirror again feeling beautiful and like a bride. “I think this is my dress.”

“Are you sure?” my mom asked. “This is only the second place we looked.”

I nodded.  This was the dress I had not stopped thinking about.

Since I got my dress from Alfred Angelo’s, my bridesmaids would get a discount on their dresses if we found them there. I ended up finding two styles of bridesmaids’ dresses that I really liked and I felt they would go with the formal theme of my wedding. Plus both styles complimented my wedding dress. I told my bridesmaids that they could pick either of the dress since they were very similar in style. I just didn’t want three girls in the one style and only one girl in the other style unless Jodie, my matron of honor, was the only one in a different dress.

No matter what dress they picked, I knew we could get it in the cherry red to match my wedding colors.  The first dress was strapless with a sweetheart neckline and a diamond broach on the waistline. It was made of satin and had pockets on the sides of the dress. The second dress was a satin A-line gown with a white ribbon that was tied around the waist. When all my bridesmaids tried on both dresses I was surprised that they all liked the same dress.

For my wedding all my bridesmaids chose the first dress, number 7166 in Alfred Angelo’s catalog. I was glad that everyone had actually had the same opinion on the dresses. I knew shoes were going to be another matter. Some of my bridesmaids loved wearing stiletto heels and I knew that others would be more comfortable in flats or low heel shoes. To keep everyone happy and comfortable, I told my girls that they could pick whatever shoes they wanted as long as they were silver sandals.

I am very fortunate that I have been able to find my dress and that my bridesmaids have been able to agree on a dress. With the bridal fashions taken care of we can concentrate on other aspects of the wedding.


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