Meet our new Willow Writer Danielle and her groom-to-be, David!

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David and I have known each other for the past 8 or 9 years through mutual friends. He actually went to high school with my “little” brother. Unfortunately through the years we were both married and those relationships obviously did not work out and David’s ended with a perfect little girl named Julia.

October 2012, I went to a local Halloween party very single and ready to find a date. There David was, dressed up like the joker! (I was a cute but sexy Raggedy Anne). Long story short, we ended up talking all night, danced, and kissed!


However, I realized I got his white make-up all over my face and I told him if you wash your face off, I will kiss you again! Off to the bathroom David went and when he came back I was gone!

The next morning he got my number through mutual friends and text me, asking me out on a date. The rest has been truly our own fairy tale.

Five months later I got pregnant (a big surprise) and we got a house. I fell in love with his daughter and we have grown together so well. After the birth of our daughter Alexa in December, David and I became closer than ever. We have the same expectations on parenting and our futures. This June, he went shopping with my mother at Henne jeweler and got me the ring of my dreams!!

The proposal: One Sunday afternoon,while cleaning out our garage, David asked if I could hand him tape out of his top drawer in his huge tool box. I grabbed the tape, went into the house to give it to him and could not find him. He was right behind me down on one knee holding the box.

But, I missed the box. I missed him on one knee. He opened the door with the ring in his hand and said, “Reallyy?!?!?” I burst into tears when I caught up to speed what was happening. He told me I was his best friend and he could not have picked a better mother for his child or stepmother to Julia and he wanted to spend his life with me. While we were both crying and hugging I whispered in his ear, “Can you get down on your knee again????” Lol!!! He did get on one knee and the ring fit!!

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