5 Wedding Trends We Loved In 2014

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2014 is coming to a close, so we wanted to take a look back at some of the trends that were popular this year.

1. Brides wearing a color other than white

Every year, we see more and more brides choosing a dress not in the traditional white. Pinks, Blues, and even Reds have become a fashion trend that brides have embraced. Here are some beautiful options if you are looking for that pop of color!

2. Using a wedding hashtag.

Just five years ago, no one would have known what it meant to have a wedding hashtag. Now, couples are giving their guests the option to share their photos using a specific hashtag. Commonly the bride and groom’s names together, or the new Mr. and Mrs., or even a unique hashtag really special to the couple. Just be careful. Telling guests to upload every single photo they take, means you won’t have control over what people see. There may be some unflattering shots, so as long as you are okay with that, then have them post away! You can even custom order awesome signs like the one below.

From The Invitation Mom on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheInvitationMom?ref=l2-shopheader-name

From The Invitation Mom on Etsy

3. Destination Weddings.

A lot of couples are opting to take it abroad for their big day, and then come back home for a celebration with family. If you are planning a destination wedding, there are a lot of great sites to help you figure out the best location for you. Many venues also offer photography/videography services included in the wedding package, so you can capture your memories and share them at your reception at home. Here is a great site to get you started:


Photo courtesy of DestinationWeddings.com

Photo courtesy of DestinationWeddings.com

4. Registering for the honeymoon!

In the past, it was towels, china, and home decor on a lot of registries, and that’s often still the case. But many couples are now registering for their honeymoon! With couples getting married later in life, many of them already own a lot of the quintessential bridal shower gifts, so by registering at a site like www.honeymoonpixie.com it gives guests the opportunity to contribute to the couple’s honeymoon. Showering them with awesome gifts like a drink package on their cruise, a safari adventure on their trip, a couples massage at the beach, or a candlelight dinner in Italy.

5.Theme Weddings.

From Disney, to vintage, to Las Vegas, many couples are incorporating a grand theme into their weddings. With sites like Pinterest giving couples endless ideas for favors, decorations, style, and more, weddings have become amazing events. This is a great way to add personality into your big day and give your guests a unique experience!

Photo courtesy of https://www.disneyweddings.com/my-wedding-space/dream-boards/inspiration-gallery/categories/all-disney/?CMP=SOC-Wedding-PINCinderellasCoach-101614

Photo courtesy of DisneyWeddings.com

We can’t wait to see what new trends will emerge in 2015 and we want to hear from you! Planning something spectacular for your upcoming day? Tell us all about it!!


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