The Willow Room & The Standard: $1,900 Photographer/DJ Bundle Package

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At The Willow Room, we strive to be a one-stop shop for our couples. We work with a network of preferred vendors, specializing in everything from flowers to entertainment, that give our couples exclusive discounts and deals.

One of the vendors we have partnered with are the wonderful folks at The Standard. Haven’t heard of them yet? Check out the below video for a message from one of the co-founders, and our friend, Michael Williams.

And here’s a recap of what you just watched:

The Standard has built a team of high-quality photographers and DJs in the area, trained and certified through their “Standard Academy,” making sure each person on the team is qualified to meet “the standard” that “The Standard” expects!

With so many vendors out there at different price points, it’s hard for couples to even begin their search for a photographer or DJ. But by using The Standard, they simply go online and begin using the planning tools, matching their tastes, such as must-have photo ideas and music choices, with vendors in the system that are available for their particular wedding date. No calling around and setting up various vendor meetings or signing detailed contracts. Couples can choose just photography, just DJ, or both services.

Couples may end up getting a photographer that normally charges $5,000 for a package, but as you will see below, the prices are the same for any Willow Room couple, no matter which photographer and/or DJ they end up working with.

All of the high resolution photos are available in the online gallery, and couples can order prints right from there at competitive prices, or download them to their devices.

This revolutionary company helps couples on a budget or those tight on time plan easier, faster, and more effectively. Check out the special pricing for Willow Room couples below, and if you have any questions, or would like more information, call Cara at 724-379-5666 or email her at



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