Willow Writer Jenna Shares Why She Chose The Willow Room!

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The first thing a person must do after getting engaged is start looking around at wedding venues. Booking a place for the reception is the most important part of planning the wedding.  Christopher and I began looking right after he proposed even though we gave ourselves two years to plan our wedding. I really didn’t want to find the perfect place and have disappointing news that my wedding date had already been booked. I knew we needed to plan in advance so that we could achieve everything we wanted for our big day. At first, I had no idea where to look. I had never planned a big party, let alone a wedding before. knot1

My biggest help for planning my wedding has been The Knot Wedding Website. On The Knot, there are so many different wedding vendors to look at and gain the contact information for. Plus, the website is so helpful since brides can get ideas, save ideas, and create a wedding checklist right on the site. The app is also great to use since you can access your wedding checklist right on your phone and within the list, The Knot has a suggested timeline that a bride should follow to complete everything for her wedding on time. The checklist can be personalized to add tasks that pertain to your wedding or you can delete the ones that do not. I swear I look at my checklist on the app at least once a week.

Using The Knot website, Christopher and I began looking at venues. We visited several venues in and around Pittsburgh, but nothing really seemed to catch our eye. There were a few that we considered, but they didn’t have everything we wanted so we continued to look.  Then, I came across The Willow Room! I used to work at the Dollar Tree in Belle Vernon when I was in knot2college, so I was very familiar with the area. The minute I stepped off of the elevator I was excited. I noticed the beautiful crystal chandeliers and scones on the walls, perfect for the vision of my wedding and my crystal diamond theme. Even the floor in the front entry sparkled. Chris and I met with Melody and she took us for a tour of the rest of the venue. She explained for the amount of people we were having, we would have the entire venue space! I was very excited because the other venues we knot3looked at seemed so small and you had to have a large number of people to have access to any of the bigger rooms. I really didn’t want my guests to feel uncomfortable and squeezed into a space that felt too small. The Willow Room was perfect for my number of guests. When we walked past the kitchen it smelled wonderful. Chris and I have yet to taste any of the food options, but I am sure they will be delicious. I really liked that I could have both stationed and passed hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour.

When Melody explained to us the package choices I was even more enthralled with the venue. There were certain things I really wanted to have at my wedding that other vendors were not going to allow. I had always had my heart set on a chocolate fountain, and when I saw that one could be added, I was in heaven. When I discovered it was Sarris Chocolate, I was completely sold. Chris really liked the idea of the ice sculpture bar which is another add on at The Willow Room. Everything seemed to be adding into exactly what we wanted. Melody was very nice and she answered all the questions I had. She explained that the staff at The Willow Room would do their best to make my vision for my wedding come true.

Laurel Mountain Photography

Laurel Mountain Photography

Laurel Mountain Photography

Laurel Mountain Photography

When we went back into the office to look at the examples of other weddings, I noticed they had a table set up with a very glittery overlay on top of the table cloth. I loved how it looked and then Melody showed me the book of fabrics that I could pick from for my table linens. I was officially in awe with The Willow Room. No other venue that we had looked at had that many options for tablecloths and chair covers. All other venues only had basic colors and nothing with patterns. Even though I did not have a chance to completely look through the fabric book, I could tell that different patterns and colors were available to choose from.  Melody did explain that prices varied depending on the fabric I would choose, but I was so excited to have more options than just a few basic colors.  After viewing The Willow Room and its packages and options I absolutely loved it.

As Chris and I got into our car, I looked over at him and said “I believe this is our venue, hon. I really love it!”

Melody and the other staff at The Willow Room have been so nice and accommodating.  After booking the venue, my mother and I have stopped down at The Willow Room several times to view the reception space and try to figure out where we might want some of our decorations to go. Every time Melody was always there to answer our questions. Not long after booking The Willow Room, I saw Melody at a bridal show and she remembered the theme of my wedding and even saved some crystal vases for me that another bride had left at The Willow Room. I am so glad that I chose The Willow Room as my venue because it is the perfect place for my wedding. I have been nothing but impressed with everything they have to offer and how helpful the staff has been at answering my questions. I feel so honored that I was asked to write this blog for them and I would highly recommend The Willow Room to any bride still in need of a reception location.


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