Willow Writer Jenna shares her wedding theme, ideas, and photos!

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Planning my wedding has been exciting and fun so far.  I’ve always had a vision of how I wanted my wedding and now I get to try to make that vision come to life. My family was definitely surprised and confused by the colors that I picked for the wedding. When I was a little girl, I always liked the color purple and I still do, so that is why my family was shocked when I decided on red, black, and white as my color scheme. My inspiration for this choice came from watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. I had begun watching that show after Chris and I had been dating for a while and it became one of my favorite shows. Chris always used to sigh on the Sunday nights when I would flip through the channels and see that several episodes would be on in a row on WE TV. I had watched multiple episodes where the brides had red, black, and white color schemes and David always ended up making them look so elegant and formal. I knew I wanted my wedding to be just like that and I loved how the big red roses looked in the centerpieces and in the brides’ bouquet. My other inspiration for my theme also came from David Tutera. I have always been a diamond and glitter girl; the more it sparkles, the more I like it. I was completely enthralled by the My Fair Wedding episode called Diamond White Wedding. In the show, David uses glass diamonds as place cards for all the guests and he had each guest’s name engraved on the diamond glass paper weights. When I first began planning my wedding, I re-watched that episode with my mom.

“Can we do that?” I asked excitedly.

“I’ll see what I can do,” she replied. She was able to find them and have them shipped. I was on the road to making my dream wedding come true.

From the same show, I also liked the idea for the cake topper. Instead of a bride and a groom, on the top of the cake was a huge diamond to match the place cards. I wanted to do that too. For the Diamond White Wedding, David Tutera also had tons of diamonds hanging off the flowers in the reception space and it made the whole room sparkle. I want my wedding to be glitter, sparkle, and elegant red roses so I decided to call the theme of my wedding Diamond Red Wedding.

My mother is very creative and she has been helping me a tremendous amount with creating the decorations for my wedding. She started by designing the bouquets for my bridesmaids. We had been to a bridal show and had seen a sample for a bouquet made out of ribbons with diamonds. I loved it and thought it was very different.

“I think I could make that,” my mother said as we walked away from the booth.

Not only did my mom recreate the bouquet, I think she made it 10x better. She added some red crystals to it and on the day of my wedding, five red roses are going to be put into it. I really liked this idea of the bouquets for my bridesmaids. I have never seen anyone else create a bouquet like this. I think the idea is unique and I can’t wait to see them all come together on the day of my wedding.


Creating the decorations for the reception has made me excited to see how all of it will look on the day of my wedding. When first entering The Willow Room, my escort cards will be on the half-moon table to the right of the elevators. My escort cards will be placed on little diamond card holders with the name of each guest and the table at which they will be seated. Also on the escort card table will be three black vases that hold a lighted tree with black and red feathers and of course crystals. This table will be adorned with black glitter tulle and diamond lights.


Directly in front of the elevators will be our hors d’oeuvres table. This will be adorned in red glitter tulle and diamond lights. Among the trays of delicious food will be flower arrangements and diamonds.


Instead of just numbering each table, I decided to give each table the name of a gemstone. Since I am a Geologist, this fits my crystal theme and it also adds a piece of me into the decorations.


When entering the reception room, everyone will walk under two tall trees that my mom created by connecting branches together. These trees will be silver with white crystal flakes, crystals will be hanging from the branches, and diamond lights will be entwined around the limbs. Along the wall with the windows to the right, we plan on draping white glitter tulle with white lights. On the middle of each marble windowsill we will place small white bushes that light up.


Along the wall in the corner will be our cookie/candy table. Again, each table will be adorned with white diamond lights and glitter tulle. The cookie table will have flower arrangements and tiered crystal plate holders. I am also having a memory table. This table is to signify our grandparents who are no longer with us. There will be pictures of them; along with a candelabra that holds a sconce for each set of grandparents. These candles will be lit by Chris and I after grace is said before dinner is served. All of our guest’s at this time will light the candles on their tables.


On my gift table there will be a card box that looks like a cake. My mom redecorated it, but it is very special because my grandmother made it, and used it at many weddings and anniversaries in our family. It is a family heirloom and I am excited that it is part of my wedding.


Each table will have a tall centerpiece created by McShane’s Florist and the flower arrangement will contain red roses, white lilies, hydrangeas, white stalk, white caspia, and silver ting. Of course my centerpieces will have crystals hanging from them! These center pieces will be placed in the center of a mirror and on the mirror, white and red crystals will be scattered. My mom had decorated tea light holders which will be placed around the edges of the mirror.

A menu card will be placed on each place setting. These will be decorated according to the entrée that the guest has selected.  On top of the menu card will be each guests’ place card: the glass diamond paperweight engraved with their name.  Above the plate, will be a black decorated thank you box with which the guests can take their diamonds home at the end of the evening.


I am very excited about picking my linens for the tables and I cannot wait to look through the huge fabric book at The Willow Room. I am hoping to make the tablecloths white with a glitter overlay and have the chairs covered in black with a red bow tied onto the back.

For the bridal table, I bought crystal candle holders from Hobby Lobby and they will be arranged with the tallest in the middle to the shortest on the ends. The middle of the table will hold a 3 diamond candle holder in which my bouquet will be placed around.  A row of red roses will be placed along the edge of the table. The girls’ bouquets will also act as decorations on the front of the bridal table, and there will be lights under that table. Behind the bridal table will be two trees lit up with white lights and crystals hanging from the branches.  Also, there will be two other crystal trees set around to decorate our room. I want the room to have an ambient glow and I want all the diamonds to catch the lights and sparkle.

I hope all these elements will capture the theme of my wedding and I am anticipating seeing everything set up in The Willow Room.  My mom and I have a year until the big day and who knows what else we can come up with during that time period. I love everything that we have put together so far and I am certain that we will make The Willow Room sparkle. My vision for my wedding is coming together, and no David, I don’t think we will need any revisions.


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