Gwen’s new post, snow in NC and lots of updates with pics!!

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Greetings from the Arctic… I mean New Bern, NC.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I do understand what a blizzard is, as well as what single digit temperatures feel like (I promise), HOWEVER here in North Carolina when the temperatures drop below 50- people begin to look like Eskimos. Equally as comical, the entire town shuts down for a bit of snow due to the inability to clear the roads. We have no access to plow trucks, salt, or any other form of assistance in snow removal for the 9 inches we acquired. Curled up on the couch with David while we were both enjoying said snow days was wonderful.  🙂

After the snowball fight with our neighbor's kids

After the snowball fight with our neighbor’s kids

Snowball fight

Snowball fight

Gwen and David's street!

Gwen and David’s street!

I mentioned in my prior post about the joys of planning a wedding from three states away. I was home in late January for “wedding prep weekend” which entailed driving the eight hours home on a Friday night with David and returning to New Bern on Sunday. We managed to meet with our priest, pick out cake flavors, choose our flowers, do a trial run for my make-up on Saturday, and do the food tasting at The Willow Room on Sunday followed by a meeting with Melody to choose linens, etc. David picks on me sometimes about my need to plan everything, and that weekend was no exception. We had just finished at Bethel Bakery and my Mom wanted to pick up some cupcakes for my brother-in-law at home but sadly there was not time in my itinerary for the wait at the counter. No worries, we made it up to him later.

I mentioned before about our flower girl, but I hadn’t mentioned much about our “honorary” ring bearers. Our church has a rule that the flower girl and ring bearer have to be at least the age of five to participate in the ceremony.  I am hoping they will allow my brother-in-law to carry them/lead them down the aisle. I can’t wait to see them in their little tuxes with Converse shoes! These are our nephews Christian and Landon on their first birthday a few short weeks ago.  I’m prepared for a few different scenarios at the wedding including:  “MOMMY NO!!” in the back of the church. It will be perfect no matter what. No illusions about two 15 month old boys in a church being perfect.

Christian and Landon

Christian and Landon

Our invitations from Wedding Paper Divas have arrived and are being assembled by my wonderful Mom. My sister is doing the calligraphy for the addresses which is really beautiful. I have neat handwriting but not pretty. I’m glad she is able to do that for me. I did personalized picture stamps for our save the date cards and wanted to repeat this for our wedding invitations. Our friend Bob, of Open Aperture Photography, (Cal U Alum by the way which is how I know him) got together with us to take some pictures for the stamps as well as an engagement announcement for the Herald Standard as requested by my Mom. Unfortunately it was REALLY cold and windy the day we tried to take them. We managed to make it work,gwen5 but not without some of our usual shenanigans…  No, I have no idea what he said to make me laugh like that.  I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of us looking a lot like that.

My shower is next weekend and a few boxes have arrived in the mail already. Registering was the most STRESSFUL and anxiety-inducing day I’ve had recently. (Does anyone else feel like that??) Unfortunately with my Mom, sister, and most of my close female friends living out of state and the closest stores two hours away, it all had to be done in one day.

Anyone ever try to register at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Williams Sonoma on a Saturday?  I do NOT recommend it. As an OT, I have a very clear picture of what sensory overload is, especially after that day. Kudos to the ladies at both stores who were willing to help us! My poor Mom called to ask me a question about my registry and I thought she might be speaking Greek to me. I just gave her my log-in and told her to do whatever she needed to do.  I love my Mom for her tables of organization and David for supplying me with frequent refills of my wine glass that weekend.

Next on my list is my first dress fitting (WOOOOHOOOO I’m down 15 lbs. since we bought the dress) and running the MCAS Cherry Point half marathon at the end of March. The snow has melted (for now) and the days are clicking away! 70 days according to my phone. One of my patients asks me that every time she comes in to see me for therapy. I can’t believe how close it is getting! Truth, I’m looking forward to being Mrs. Morris and our life together more than our wedding. I feel so lucky to have my wonderful man to make me laugh every day.

Have a wonderful week.  I’ll be back after my shower.



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