This Week In Weddings!

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Wedding Stories

Rebekah Gregory and her fiancé, Pete DiMartino were both injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. They are now set to celebrate their wedding day on April 4th! America is planning all the details of their wedding, thanks to The’s Dream Wedding contest, and Rebekah couldn’t be more excited.   Read the entire article here.

“In my heart I know that no wedding detail picked by America will be wrong because I already have the only thing that matters to me: my groom. And while all of the other stuff is exciting, aside from lovely pictures in an album, the only thing that’ll last from my wedding day is my relationship with Pete. In fact if you really think about it, the theme has already been chosen. It’s love. A crazy, messy, unanticipated union of two people who are ready to take on the world together. What could be any better than that?” 

Celebrity Weddings
Leighton Meester and Adam Brody had a secret wedding!
In today’s world of hardly any privacy, it’s awesome to see these two had their day all to themselves.
Details here.

Brody and Meester Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III/

Brody and Meester
Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III/

Other celebs that had hush-hush weddings: Beyone and Jay-Z;  Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner;  Will Smith and Jada Pinkett; Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

DIY Weddings
Rustic Chalkboard Menu!

Wedding Songs
Need some ideas? Here’s some top first dance songs for 2014.

Awesome Groomsmen
We love when the guys surprise their brides.
Check out this dance set put on by some talented AND hilarious men!

Honeymoon Ideas
On a budget? What about a honeymoon close to home. Look at your local visitor bureaus. Sometimes just a few hours away is a great place you never would have thought to go!


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