Chef’s December Recipe: White Chocolate Holiday Bark!

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White Chocolate Holiday Bark

1 pound finely chopped white chocolate
1 2/3 teaspoons vegetable oil
½ cup dried cranberries
1 ¼ cup shelled pistachio nuts, toasted and papery coating peeled

You will need a 9×12 pan and wax paper or parchment paper to cover the pan.
You will also need a sauce pot filled 1/3 way with water and a stainless steel bowl.
Bring the water to a bowl, and then lower to a simmer.
Put the white chocolate into the stainless steel bowl and place the bowl in the sauce pot.
Slowly melt the chocolate, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula.
When chocolate is completely melted, stir in 1 ½ teaspoons of oil.
Add the dried cranberries and pistachio nuts, stirring the chocolate as you do so.
Pour onto baking pan covered with wax paper, and spread.
Let chocolate harden at room temperature.
Break into pieces. Store in an air tight container.



  1. Bonnie said,

    Can Chef Haberle post his recipe Caramelized Onion Soup on facebook website or post it for the January Recipe, if not is there a way I could get it. I loved it at the taste testing, it was awesome. Thank You

    • thewillowroom said,

      Hi Bonnie! Thanks for your feedback. I will talk to Chef and get back to you!!

  2. Bonnie Bryner Buzzelli said,

    Thank You !!

  3. Bonnie Bryner Buzzelli said,

    Hi, I was wondering if you got a chance to talk to Chef about the recipe for the Caramelized Onion Soup. Thank You for your time.

    • thewillowroom said,

      Hi Bonnie, I will see Chef on Thursday and I will ask him directly. We’ve been quite busy, sorry for the delay!!

  4. thewillowroom said,

    Hi Bonnie,
    I talked to Chef and that soup is one of our signature dishes. He said he is very flattered at your comments, but that he can’t share all of his secrets. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Bonnie Bryner Buzzelli said,

    Thanks for asking Chef, The soup is Awesome !!!

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