Meet the groomsmen! WW Gwen shares photos and more!

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Greetings from North Carolina!

It’s been a while since I have last written, but the past few months were the busiest I have ever had!  We made it home for the Steelers/Ravens game, made it to Cleveland for my cousin Adam’s wedding, ran the USMC Mud Run in Columbia, SC, visited my sister and brother-in-law’s new house, spent time with our nephews, changed jobs, and got to be a bridesmaid in Keira’s wedding.  This is our first weekend at home in several weeks.

Gwen and David

Gwen and David

I wanted to wait until David asked his last groomsman to be in our wedding in person to share that information here.  I’ve shared information about my girls in previous blogs, so this time I thought I’d share some information about David and his guys.  🙂

First we have his brother Brian as his best man.  Brian still lives in southern California so the guys don’t get to hang out much these days.  We just got to spend a week with his family at the beginning of November, at which time Brian threw David’s bachelor party.  First he surprised him with a trip to Six Flags with a group of his childhood friends.  He then took him camping in the mountains with the Foster boys.

David and Brian

David and Brian

Next we have Nicholas Evans, who is a fellow Navy Corpsman and stationed at MCAS Cherry Point with David.  Nick recently ran the USMC Mud Run with us in Columbia, SC.  No, I can’t explain this picture.  Haha.

Nick and David

Nick and David


Finally we have Jeremy Foster.  Jeremy is my bridesmaid, Keira’s, brother.  They with their brother Josh call each other “diaper buddies.”  David finally got to spend some time with Jeremy during the festivities before Keira’s wedding while we were in California.  Here are the boys on the dance floor.  The converse shoes with a suit is par for the course for David.  My Mom and sister said “No CONVERSE at the ceremony.”  Perhaps I will sneak in a pair for the reception.  😉  Shhh… Don’t tell my Mom or Lori!

David and Jeremy

David and Jeremy

Wedding planning continues to chug slowly along.  I am still trying to wrap my head around getting everything done before our big day.  We are in the process of scheduling our tasting with The Willow Room (which gives me a great excuse to chow down) and a tasting with Bethel Bakery for the cake.  I mentioned before that we live in North Carolina and it takes us about 8 hours to drive home.  I just started a new job as an outpatient OT specializing in hand therapy, so time off is at a premium right now.  The Willow Room has been both wonderful and patient with my demanding schedule.  I can’t thank that team enough!

My Mother-in-Law to be bought us some gorgeous Ijka crystal champagne flutes in Europe to use on our wedding day.  I can’t wait until the planning part is over and we are sipping champagne with our friends and family!

Mindy and I finally picked out a dress for Addie which reminds her of Cinderella!  I mentioned last time she was horrified by one of my choices since it resembled Sleeping Beauty.  It is being made by a shop on Etsy and she has some silver sparkly shoes to match.  She says she can’t wait to wear it.  🙂  I promise not to make her wear feathers on her head though.

Addie's dress

Addie’s dress

Next on my wedding list is to try on my dress since it has finally arrived!  Unfortunately, Black Friday morning was the only time slot that would work with my schedule.  Spanx anyone?  Invitations, favors, bridesmaid jewelry, tuxes, vows, readings, and choosing people to do readings as well as carry gifts are still on my agenda.  I also haven’t registered yet.  Wow, I still have a lot to do!!




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