WW Renee shares a new post: “It’s a Small World After All”

September 18, 2013 at 7:55 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , )

Hi Everyone!  So far, the wedding planning has been so much fun, and Lorenzo and I have agreed on everything! I’m so lucky he always seems to like the vendors and choices that I like. We have had some really strange things happen though, that truly makes us realize what a small world we live in. 

One of the first occurrences was while finding the perfect wedding dress. My consultant at the bridal shop is such a sweetheart, and I am so glad to be working with her. After getting to know her better, she mentioned to my mom and I that her mom sings at the church where Lorenzo and I will be getting married. Her mother also can sing in Italian, which is a total plus, as we would like to do an Italian song during the ceremony for Lorenzo’s family and friends. If I haven’t mentioned it before, Lorenzo was born in Italy and he still has family and friends that live in Italy that we plan to invite to the wedding.  Needless to say, we plan to request to have my consultant’s mom sing at our wedding if she is available. 

Also, my mom and I went to block hotel rooms locally in Belle Vernon and the manager of the hotel was just the nicest person. When my mom grabbed his card she read his name and said, “Did you graduate from Bentworth and were you the class president?” He said yes and then my mom realized that he graduated with her sister (who has passed away – RIP Aunt Karen). The manager of the hotel knew my Aunt. I mentioned to him that I was also class president, but I told him that I was class treasurer freshman year and then class president my sophomore through senior years. He said that’s exactly what he was as well. At that point, he told me that I am like family to him and that he would take very good care of us. He also is offering us a meeting room at the hotel for the people who traveled from out-of-state and out-of-the-country where guests can go in between the church and reception to freshen up and mingle. 

We also have been so fortunate to have Johanna as our sales manager at The Willow Room.  She is so spectacular and pays attention to every detail, and we know with her by our side we are in good hands! Ironically, Johanna’s mother-in-law bakes cookies so my mom recently reached out to her to possibly have her bake our cookies.  

This really has been an amazing journey and it’s the little things that just seem to fall into place. It’s the true value of the “hometown advantage!” It really is a small world and we are so lucky to have met some awesome people along the way!  🙂


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