WW Kristen shares an adorable story from one of her students: Wedding Day Through The Eyes of a Child!

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Joe and I are both teachers and work in the same building; he teaches PE, and I teach 6th grade. My class is anxiously counting down the days until our wedding.  Each day, I am bombarded with questions from the 11- and 12- year-old girls…. “What does your dress look like?  How high are your heels?  Where is the reception?  Is the honeymoon on a beach?”  My personal 2nd favorite…. “Aren’t you like sooooooo nervous you’ll trip walking down the aisle?!”  Yes girls, yes I am!!   And the #1 question…. “Don’t you want him to shave off that beard for the wedding?!”  

 A few days ago during my partner teacher’s creative writing class, he asked them to write a short story of Miss Lanzilatti’s and Mr. Scaglione’s wedding day. I would love to share with you an adorable story from one of the girls. I intended to leave in her spelling and grammar errors because her version is so much sweeter than a teacher edited version!  I also double counted her exclamation points to make sure I included them all!

 “The Great Wedding”
On the day Mr. Scaglione and Miss Lanzilatti got married, Miss Lanzilatti got into her wedding dress and she was so happy that she was marrying Mr. Scaglione. Her heart was racing and her adrenaline was pumping. When Miss Lanzilatti was walking down the isle she was nerveous and happy at the same time!!! When Mr. Scaglione was down at the end of the isle he was in his tuxedo and the shoes were tennis shoes because he is a gym teacher. When the man said do you take this lovely lady to be your wife and then the man said do you take this nice man to be your husband and Mr. Scaglione and Miss Lanzilatti both said I do and kissed!!!!!!!! It was the happiest day of their life! Everybody jumped up and started clapping and cheering even Mason her beagle! After the wedding they all had a party and then after the party Mrs. Scaglione and Mr. Scaglione jumped into the sunset! The day after the wedding Mr. Scaglione and Mrs. Scaglione they both woke up and went out and had cophee and then they both came home and said I’m so happy to be your wife and I’m so happy to be your husband!!!! And they all lived happily ever after.


It is hilarious, and insightful, to have an 11-year-old’s point of view on wedding days! I pray that the day is just as perfect as she described! I hope Joe and I smile at each other all day long, share a special kiss!!!!!!!!!! jump into the sunset, and feel refreshed after a warm cup of cophee the next morning.  😉


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