One month to go for Kristen and Joe! Hear about her bridal shower weekend!

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As the countdown quickly approached one month until “THE BIG DAY,” my best friends/bridesmaids had a very special weekend planned for me!  My bridal shower took place this past weekend- after what felt like a lifetime of waiting!  My matron of honor, Jen, kept everything a secret from me, and despite my most valiant efforts, I couldn’t sneak a hint from ANYONE!

On Saturday, the shower was held at Atria’s restaurant.  Walking into the dining area completely took my breath away!  The girls created a beautiful atmosphere consisting of a perfect mix of yellow roses, family, best friends, food, wine, and a side of sexy undies!  The small details including the wine bottle favors, yellow and gray vase centerpieces, and spending time with the girls, which I will want to remember forever, were captured by a hired photographer!  Really- Jen thought of everything!


On the shower invitation, the girls requested that in lieu of a card, each guest bring a pair of underwear.  While opening gifts, this was definitely a good cause for laughs!  There is a ham in every bunch, and this proved to be true yet again at the shower.  The top three most hilarious pairs were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, size large whitey tighties, and “post baby birthing” underwear.  Tears were running down my face from laughing so hard, and it definitely took the edge off of being nervous about opening gifts in front of a crowd.

Another of the many highlights of that afternoon was when Joe came to Atria’s at the end of the party.  He came bearing a bucket of flowers- a bouquet for Jen and me, and a single rose for each of the bridesmaids.  After this sweet act, his approval rate topped 100%.


Immediately after the shower, the bridesmaids and I went to a hotel room, and I was surprised later that evening with a trip to Narcisi Winery for a tasting and dinner.  The weekend was rounded off Sunday morning with a pedicure and Starbucks treat before saying goodbye to my best friends who traveled to spend this special weekend with me.

I couldn’t ever express how very thankful I am for everyone who helped to plan this amazing weekend- from my mom and friends to Jen and the bridesmaids.  It makes it that much more exciting for next month!  The countdown is on!




  1. This Northern Belle said,

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding. I’m just at the one month mark myself, so I know how you must be feeling!

  2. uponanoccasion said,

    Love it!

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