WW Gwen shares a video, her and David are Ballroom Dancers! And she’s thinking green for her big day shoes!

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Hello again.  It has been a couple of weeks since I have written.  David and I have been busy preparing for a showcase at our dance studio.  We are ballroom dancers and were in a showcase this past week.  We danced to “Under the Sea” with David in his dress blues.  Good times and just a little cheesy.  You can see our performance in North Carolina.

A lot of planning and drama has happened since I have written last for the wedding.  One of my bridesmaids has decided to not participate in wedding festivities.   Fortunately I still have 3 of my favorite ladies at my side that day.

I picked out and ordered my dress in May.  My sister and matron of honor picked out the bridesmaid dresses earlier this month.  They are Monique Lhuillier knee length cocktail dresses in my favorite shade of blue.  David and I decided to go with green and white flowers with blue bridesmaid dresses with hints of blue incorporated into the reception theme.  I’d tell you more but it’s a secret.  Shhh…  😉

In June, David’s parents flew into Pittsburgh to meet my parents for the first time.  We finally got to show them The Willow Room, which they LOVED of course!  My future Mother-in-law and Mom have been communicating about what they would like to wear on the wedding day.   I had no idea it was up to me as to what the Moms would wear according to tradition.  Did anyone else know this?  I feel like a bride-neophyte when it comes to traditions.  The Knot books and magazines have been a huge help, but sometimes I feel like I get too many options and the choices get even harder.  I have basically told them it is totally up to them.  I want them to feel beautiful and comfortable that day.

I am still debating about having a candy table at the reception.  We are going to do a shuttle to take guests from the hotels to the reception site and back again at the end of the night.  I thought munchies and some bottles of water would be a nice treat at the end of the night.  My Mom found little jars we can put monogrammed stickers on the top for a cute wedding theme.  Now the real question is what candy to choose!

So as far as wedding progress, we have booked:  St Therese Catholic Church, The Willow Room, Michael Will Photography, and an AMAZING BAND.  I am keeping the band a secret…  I have told my friends to make sure they bring their dancing shoes!

Speaking of shoes I put my sister in charge of picking out some shoes to go with my dress.  Knowing her, my shoes will NOT be cheap but they will be fabulous.  I am not wearing white shoes that day.  Does anyone still go with white shoes with the white dress?  Green is my favorite color.  I am leaning toward green.  My Mom was a little resistant when it came to non-traditional shoes at first, but we warmed her up to it.  David is 6’5” so I can get away with some tall shoes for the ceremony since I am about 5’9”.  I promise to find some good dance shoes for the reception though!

Have a great week!  I’ll be back soon!


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