WW Renee Introduces Us To Her Bridal Party!

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They are our closest friends and loved ones, and now we wanted them to be a part of our special day.  There are so many creative ways to ask a bridesmaid to be in your wedding.  Remember you are honoring her, but also asking for considerable time and financial commitment, so make sure you ask them in a memorable and special way.

I knew that I wanted to be a little creative in asking my girls to be in our wedding.  I decided to buy a box that looked like a bride’s dress and fill it with candy.  Also, I made sure to have a ring pop inside the box and on the outside I wrote “It’s my turn to pop the question!”



I also wrote a card to my girls with a poem that I found online.  It read:

“The day, the dress, the bride, the groom
The joy, the tears will all come so soon
Professing true love to my husband-to-be
With family and friends all watching me
I hope the sun will be shining down,
Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll fit in my gown
But there’s just one more thing that there needs to be
And that’s to have you standing with me!
Will you be my bridesmaid?”

And the four beautiful women in my life that I must have standing by me are:

Kathryn “Katie” Campbell – Matron of Honor – college roommates, met in 1997 which was our freshman year at Pitt.  We have done so many amazing things and vacations together.  Katie now lives in Raleigh, NC so I sent her package to her and watched her open it on Skype so I can still ask her face-to-face to be in the wedding.  Katie is married to Chris (I introduced them) and they have a beautiful daughter named Maddie who was born this past October.

Melissa “Mis” Wojcuich – Matron of Honor – met at work in 2007.  Melissa and I are double trouble and we used to have dance parties at my apartment and then go out and moose dance (don’t ask).  Melissa is married to Adam and they have a beautiful baby boy named Liam who was just born in June.

Beth “Beefs” Dunmore – Bridesmaid – met at work in 2004.  Beefs and I have so much fun when we get together and even shared in many great memories, especially in Las Vegas.  Beth is married to Dan, and Lorenzo and I recently attended their special day this past November.  They have a beautiful dog named Bree.

Nicole “T” Hosack – Bridesmaid – met in middle school.  “T” and I go way back.  I call her “T” because her maiden name was Temak.  We played all the same sports together and we always have each other’s back.  She would spend the weekends at my dorm room in college.  Nicole is married to Jared and they have three wonderful dogs.

And Lorenzo’s four groomsmen are:

Stefano Inglese – Best Man – Brother of the groom, best friends for life with Lorenzo. He shares a passion for travel, fitness, music, and simply having fun.  Born only two and half years apart, Stefano and Lorenzo have remained close no matter what, despite their mutual propensity to embarrass and pull pranks on each other.  Stefano is the owner of Nino, the bulldog that helped Lorenzo and I meet.

Michael George – Groomsman – Met Lorenzo when they were teammates on the same weightlifting team for Pittsburgh Barbell.  They became training partners and close friends ever since.  Mike is a dynamic individual who is well-versed in a diverse array of topics ranging from classic hip-hop music to Russian sports science.  He is also one of the funniest men you will ever meet.

Peter Shaw –Groomsman- Pete and Lorenzo were high school classmates, but met earlier on than that, since they were both students at the same martial arts school.  Pete and Lorenzo had a unique friendship since they could be punching and kicking  each other in sparring matches one minute, and then laughing and joking the next.  They also progressed through each belt rank at the same time, often taking the tests together.

Ken McLeod – Groomsman- Ken and Lorenzo were high school classmates who met through Pete.  Ken is known for having an off the wall sense of humor, but also being a loyal and dependable friend.  Ken is currently writing a book about his life experiences, which Lorenzo claims is “probably one of the funniest pieces of literature in human history.”  Ken serves in the United States Air Force and has been all over the world serving our country.

We could not be more excited and honored to have these special people in our lives and to share in our day!!!


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