4 Bridesmaids, 4 Different States, Willow Writer Gwen Gives Us The Scoop!

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Hello again.  I case you were wondering about why we are getting married in southwestern PA; I grew up Uniontown and went to Laurel Highlands High School.  Since graduating from high school I have lived in Florida, Ohio, California, Texas, and now North Carolina and practicing as an occupational therapist.  This beautiful area will always be home to me.

In response to my last blog…  I showed David what I had written prior to posting it.  Our conversation went something like this:

Him:  I like it.

Me:  Even the part where I tell the world you aren’t smooth?

Him:  It’s the truth, isn’t it?

I thought for my post I would tell you a little about my bridal party and give David’s ego a break.  🙂 We had a great debate about the number of people to include in our bridal party.  In the end, we decided on 8.  David has asked his brother, Brian, to be his best man but I can’t tell you the rest since he hasn’t asked them yet.  He is waiting to do that in person later this year.

David and Brian

David and Brian

My side has 4 wonderful women to include Lori, Keira, Mindy, and Teresa.  Teresa is my best friend and fellow lover of horses.  I met Teresa in late 2007 and seriously tried not to like her.  I was working as an instructor and rider for various barns in the Orlando area and thought it would make life easier if I didn’t befriend any of my clients. Besides the horses, we have sarcasm and the love of a good beer in common.  Teresa and I bonded over a sarcastic conversation involving the stereotypical crazy horse person (seriously all horse people are a little crazy).  Later we took the horses out to the state park to go galloping (a rare feat for dressage horses), got hopelessly lost (please reference the picture of the sign I included), finally found a way back (despite our horses being as SEVERELY as directionally challenged as we are), and went out for wings.  She is my favorite person to be hopelessly lost with.  Since I moved from Florida we don’t talk nearly as much as when I was living there and I miss her every day.  I am honored she has agreed to be a part of our special day.


The Sign!


Gwen and Teresa

Gwen and Teresa









Mindy is my cousin, confidant, secret keeper, and dear friend.  She always seems to have a way to drag the truth out of me whether I want to spill it or not.  It leads to some very interesting conversations, mostly via text, which leads to her having blackmail material on me for the rest of my life.  Mindy eloped with her current husband about 2 years ago.  She has a beautiful family of 3 boys and 1 girl.  Addison, her daughter, is going to be our flower girl.  During this adventure called wedding planning, I was emailing Mindy and Addie pictures of perspective flower girl dresses.  Addie said “no way” to one suggestion because it reminded her of Sleeping Beauty.  Memo to self:  choose flower girl dress which reminds her of Belle, Jasmine, or Cinderella.

Mindy and daughter Addison

Mindy and daughter Addison

Kiera was a friend of David’s until I claimed her as my friend, too.  David and I were already madly in love before he kissed me which took some people aback a little because it appeared we were talking about marriage a month after he kissed me for the first time. In our minds we had been involved for years being friends and dating from a distance for a long time.  Keira has known David since they were about 4 and supported her dear friend in the beginning of our life together because it was easy for her to see we were so happy.  She and I were able to spend some time together during my stay in California (even after David left for San Antonio for Navy training as a corpsman).  A wine induced confession let her in on the semi-secret David and I were talking about getting married.  She was thrilled for us then and continues to be thrilled for us now.  David and I are greatly looking forward to attending her wedding this fall.



The final woman in my bridal party is my sister Lori, my matron of honor.   Many sisters have a history of arguments as kids, and we are certainly not the exception.  Somewhere along the way we started to lean on each other.  Beyond that we became friends.  She married a wonderful man, Ken, in 2007.  Ken is the brother I never had.  (He recently offered to mail me the wings I didn’t finish eating during a recent visit.  Apparently, I am alone in my love for leftover cold wings.  No, he didn’t mail them in case you were wondering).  Lori is my fashion guide, my sounding board, sometimes my filter, but beyond all of that, a loyal friend.  Lori dubbed David as “New Guy” last Christmas when they met for the first time.  Somehow “New Guy” ended up shoveling show for the first time in his life.  She tends to have that effect on people.  Haha.

Gwen and Lori

Lori and Gwen

I mentioned before I moved around a lot for school.  The challenge is now to plan a wedding with 4 bridesmaids in 4 different states.  Teresa is in Florida, Keira in California, Mindy in Ohio and finally Lori in Maryland.  I can’t wait to have my 4 favorite ladies in one place!


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