Save the Date Success – new post from Willow Writer Kristen!

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This past weekend, my Matron of Honor, Jen, and I worked on Save the Dates.  Since Joe and I are thinking that somewhere between 250-275 people will be attending our wedding, we are trying to cut costs wherever we can.  Jen and I decided that making Save the Dates cut a portion of the cost.  Since Joe proposed at a Penguin game last March, he had the idea of a Save the Date ticket.  We were able to morph the slogan “A Great Day for Hockey” into “A Great Day for a Wedding”.  The barcode at the bottom of the ticket is our actual wedding date, and we added specifics such as the date, church and reception location, and our wedding website.

Jen, consistently being one of the most generous people I have ever met, offered to have her sister-in-law create the ticket based off of the actual tickets Joe and I had the night of the proposal.  After the ticket was created, Jen shopped at Staples for all of the necessities- photo paper, envelopes, and magnets.  Her husband was able to print all of the tickets at work, and Jen and I were able to take care of the rest.

First, we bought a paper cutter at Michael’s.  We used one blade to cut the paper and the supplemental blade to cut the large magnets in half.  (The magnets were intended for business card size, but they worked perfectly for our purpose when cut in half.)  While I addressed envelopes, Jen (with the help of her almost 3-year-old daughter, Addy) cut the tickets from the photo paper.  All that was left to do was stick magnets to the back of the ticket and stuff the envelopes.  Once the return address stamp is delivered through the mail, I will add our return address to the back of the envelope, purchase stamps, and send the Save the Dates off in the mail!

The entire process took about 5 hours, but of course some time was spent trying on bridesmaids’ shoes, looking at the guestbook pictures, and planning centerpieces.


Next order of biz- centerpieces, flowers, and cake/cupcakes!


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