Meet Our New Willow Writer: Kristen! And fiancé Joe!

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**Our Story**
In mid-March, Joe surprised me with a trip to Kay Jewelers before dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  I was in total shock, and when the sales woman asked what we were looking for, I started sweating profusely, and Joe stood there- mute.  When I finally found out why we were there, I was on cloud 9.  After trying on a few rings, Joe started choking and needed to leave to get a drink of water, and I explained to the kind lady how he instantly turns ghostly white when I mention marriage… or joint checking accounts.  Later, I text my best friends and couldn’t stop smiling.  Pinterest became my best friend, and I spent hours looking for the perfect engagement ring- not knowing Joe already had one in mind.

The next day, Joe picked out the ring and asked my parents’ permission while I was at the Hunger Games movie.

On March 27, our 1-year anniversary (as per Joe’s account) we had tickets to attend our final Penguin game for the 2011-2012 season.  I was upset with Joe that he “HAD TO” coach his volleyball game at Baldwin HS.  The game started at 6, and he told me to meet him there at 6:30- he was sure the game would be over by then.  I picked up Arby’s on the way and arrived in the parking lot at 6:20.  6:30 came- no Joey.  6:45- no Joey.  7:00… 7:15…  Joe finally exited at 7:20, and I was LIVID!  I was attempting the silent treatment and even debated just driving home and not going to the game.  I was furious that Joe didn’t care that I was mad and I spent most of the drive downtown staring out the car window with my arms folded.  During that time, Joe was texting MJ (my brother) to ask his permission.  Again, I was upset that he was hiding texts from me as he positioned himself in a 45 degree angle toward the steering wheel so I wouldn’t see it.

We finally parked the car, I was out of my mood, and Joe took his time assembling the necessities (wallet, key, Chapstick).  He changed his shirt, put on deodorant and cologne, and I continued watching the clock.  It was now 7:50, and we missed the first period and 1st intermission- and even more importantly- two Zamboni runs (one of my favorite parts!).  Joe handed me a card and told me I wasn’t allowed to open it until he said so.  More weirdness.

KristenandJoeAs we walked from the hotel parking lot over to Consol, my hands got really cold, and I tried to put my hand in the pocket of Joe’s jacket like I always did.  He threw my hand away and told me to put my hand up his sleeve instead.  JERK.  Little did I know the ring was in that pocket.  Oops.  We got to the outside gate, and I was instructed to open the card that held our Penguin tickets.  Joe wrote a novel inside, and I was speed reading because I really wanted to get into the game!  At that time, a bum ran over and asked if we were selling tickets.  Joe quickly shooed him away.  The tickets each had Tyler Kennedy’s face on them, and there was a speech bubble cut from a Post-it coming out of his mouth.  One said “Will” and the other said “you”.  I got nervous thinking they were Bill’s tickets- he sells us tickets for one game per month.  Bill/Will… easy confusion.  I said out loud, “Will you?”  “WILL YOU….” and when I turned around, sweet little Joey Bags was down on one knee.  I screamed and pushed him over.  Instead of saying yes, I held out my shaky hand, and said, “I’m not mad at you anymore!”

The Penguins did not win that game, but we had an incredible time, celebrated with a few beers, and were congratulated by those around us.  After the game, we found a sweet usher to take our picture by the glass.  He was taking a good bit of time to take the picture, and he finally said, “I’m just waiting for the Zamboni to get out of the background.”  Silly man.


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