Willow Writer Julie Shares Some Advice On Color!

December 31, 2012 at 4:01 pm (Willow Writers) (, , , , , , )

Now that I introduced a little about myself, it’s time to talk about the much more exciting things: wedding details and advice! With only 6 months to go until our wedding, everything is finally coming together!

We chose to do all neutrals for our color scheme because I really wanted something elegant, classy, and using colors that we could never get sick of! My goal for the wedding was not to date it. I really didn’t want to have to look back and think “Oh my gosh, that was so 2013!” We’re really happy with the colors we chose, however, it hasn’t been easy trying to coordinate everything!

The bridesmaids’ dresses are taupe – darker than champagne, but not quite in the brown family. We decided on cocktail length dresses in a satin material. The dress compliments any body type and the satin material really will make the taupe look rich! The flowers are going to be shades of pale pinks, peaches, and ivories to accent the girls’ dresses. While it all sounded awesome in my head and looked great in the pictures that I saw on Pinterest, I never realized when picking that color bridesmaid dress how hard it would be to match! We get a huge laugh everywhere we go because every person’s idea of “taupe” is SO different. Even Googling “taupe bridesmaids” brings up a huge range of shades that it’s hard to get a good idea. Choosing the girls’ shoes has been quite a goose hunt for the right color, and we had to go with solid black vests and ties for the guys since Men’s Warehouse didn’t have an overwhelming palette of “taupes” to choose from.

For the Willow Room, we are choosing the taupe table linens (seen in a few of the pictures on their website, I think), with ivory accents. The centerpieces are all high, with just white and green flowers. My favorite part about the centerpieces though is that they are going to be draped in pearls! My florist had the pearls already, so it wasn’t an extra charge. YES! They totally make the centerpieces. We are also adding the amber lighting (which I totally recommend) to give the room a gold glow.

My biggest advice for new brides is something that I’ve learned and wish people told me at the beginning: Do not worry about doing something “right” or “wrong” with your wedding. There are truly no rules, and everyone does something different! I spent so much time at the beginning worrying about what people were going to think if I did a bland color scheme. I almost switched at the last minute just to be “safer” with a more popular color. Everyone is going to have an opinion and it’s what makes YOU happy! Go with what you like and make the most of it. Everyone else is only going to remember how great of a time they had anyway! J


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