Meet new Willow Writer, Julie! And how Legos helped her find love

December 23, 2012 at 2:27 pm (Willow Writers) (, , , , , , , , , )

Hi, my name is Julie and my fiancé Mikey and I are having our reception at the Willow Room on June 22nd! We are so looking forward to it and get more excited every day!

Mikey and I met five years ago at Penn State in, of all classes, Lego class. Yes, it’s actually a class at Penn State. The technical term for the highly scientific college level class was “Engineering and Physics in Elementary Classrooms,” which so conveniently allowed only elementary educations and engineering majors to take it. Engineering majors took it as a blow-off engineering course, and elementary education majors took it to learn hands-on approaches to teaching basic physics concepts with Legos.  Never would have thought it would lead to a budding romance, but after some innocent flirting during group projects, seeing each other places around campus, and spotting him in church on Sundays, it was love from there!

Our relationship has definitely been an out of the ordinary one, as it’s been almost constantly long-distance since we graduated from PSU. Mikey got a job in Orlando, Florida, and I got a teaching job here in Pittsburgh. We’re both from Pittsburgh, so our plan was always to live here, however, Mikey’s job decided otherwise. After a year of working in Orlando, Mikey moved  A LITTLE closer in Philadelphia for a few years, and finally moved back to Pittsburgh last year. He still travels a lot for work, but it’s been great to know he finally is back home! While most couples wouldn’t be able to do it, the long-distance thing has never been a problem for us.  We talk constantly while we’re apart, and get so excited to be together every time he’s home.

Mikey proposed last year on Dec. 22, 2011. Our engagement is a little longer than most, but has been awesome that way!! We’ve loved how laid back everything has been in the planning process, since we had almost a year and 6 months to do it all. I highly recommend any couples to wait the extra time if they can! If you like keeping a low stress level, it’s the way to go. Stay tuned for some details, wedding ideas, and updates in the future!


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