Willow Writer Rachel updates…and a free honeymoon?!

August 20, 2012 at 12:48 pm (Willow Writers) (, , , , , , , , , )

Hi Everyone!

I feel like so much has happened in the last two months. I finally went to see a florist and have my flowers picked out! I am so excited. I am going with Gerber Daisies. The Anemones are not very sturdy and only look nice for a couple of hours so I decided against them. My bridesmaids will have white bouquets and I am going to have Hot Pink 🙂


Also we decided we are wearing hot pink shoes! My bridesmaids decided on a really cute pair. I think they will look great with their black dresses. I haven’t decided on which pair I am getting yet.


Michael went and picked out the tuxes. I am kind of nervous because I was not with him, but I trust he did a good job.

My shower was last weekend and it was beautiful. My bridesmaids threw the shower for me and it was a blast. I will upload some pictures below. My favorite gifts were my Keurig and my new vacuum.

I am still going back and forth on centerpieces. I am just so undecided on what I want. Any suggestions would be great!

Invitations are all personalized and ready to be ordered. Making sure the wording was correct and picking out the invites has been the most frustrating thing for me so far. I am sure glad that’s over with. We got our list down from about 350 to 275…whew…

I also have some awesome news! I was in a drawing at work and I won the grand prize. It was a trip to the Caribbean! When I called to plan it I let them know I had an upcoming wedding and that we hadn’t booked our honeymoon yet. They actually upgraded everything to the Honeymoon Package! We are so excited!!! We leave 2 days after the wedding and are going to the RIU Aruba for 6 nights. I can’t even express how excited we are that we now have a free honeymoon. Our wedding will be here before we know it! So excited!

– Rachel


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