New appetizer entry: “Deli-casy” Amuse Bouche from Kellie!

May 15, 2012 at 3:09 pm (News and Events) (, , )

I’m in a recipe group with a bunch of my friends. Some people try recipes out that they’ve always wanted to try and others create new ones. We always have a theme. This one was “tapas” but we are liberal in our interpretation. I wanted to introduce the amuse bouche concept. I experimented with a lot of the piquant flavors of Spanish tapas, but wound up going a different direction to a play on lox and bagels.(but kept the capers!) This was a new experience for a lot of my friends, but just a bite was small enough for them to be willing to try it.  It was a hit…elegant with a bit of “shtick.”

“Deli-casy” Amuse Bouche
By Kellie Foglio ~ Tapas Theme, meat/seafood

Amuse bouche means literally~ to amuse the mouth. It’s typically a gift from the chef to get you excited about a meal and maybe show off his skills a bit.

This is meant as a fun play on the Jewish classic Lox and Bagels

1 bagel, cut into ¼” cross section rounds and toasted
4 oz good quality Nova lox
¼ lb chive cream cheese
1 tsp capers
1 tomato, cored and sliced
1 shallot, sliced thin
Chives cut into ½” strands


  • For a bit of whimsy, we’ll make this bite resemble a flower
  • In amuse bouche spoons or simply begin with the bagel
  • With a corner snipped baggie or a piping bag, pipe a dime sized dot of cream cheese onto the bagel and place a bit of shallot
  • Cut lox slices in half and wrap around your pinky
  • Fold edges down to form the rosette & place securely onto the cream cheese
  • Pipe a bead of cream cheese into the center of the flower
  • Place a caper or two onto the center cream cheese
  • Use the sliced tomato “leaves” to accent either side of the flower adhering them to the base cream cheese
  • Finish by adding chive strands to the cream cheese centers like stamens

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