1st Annual “Impress the Chef” Recipe Contest

May 4, 2012 at 3:59 pm (News and Events)

Chef Haberle, the Executive Chef, at The Willow Room has been sharing his recipes every month for some time now and he wants to open up this task to all of you. Do you have a recipe that will impress the chef? We want to see it!

Contest Rules:

  1. Submit your original recipe (Appetizer, Entrée, or Dessert) via email to marketing@thewillowroom.com and send photos of your finished product if you can, along with a short story behind the recipe (family tradition, your own creation, etc.)
  2. We will post the recipes to this blog and your friends and family can comment here, as well as on our other social networks and help Chef decide who should win
  3. Chef will choose a winner in each category: Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert – based on originality, ease of recipe, affordability, and overall appearance (that’s why we want a pic!)
  4. The winning chef’s will come and “cook with our chef” when we do our June video and will be featured on the blog, website and social networks. Chef will be cooking the winning recipes along with their creators! We will also send winner announcements to the local chambers for publication in their newsletters
  5. There will be a prize of a $50 Visa Gift Card in each category
  6. Recipe must be submitted by May 16th
  7. Recipes will be posted and comments will be open from that point forward
  8. Chef will choose a winner on May 23rd and they will be notified via phone or email
  9. Gift cards can be picked up when winners come to cook with chef, or they can be mailed to the winner

We look forward to getting your recipes. Spread the word to your family and friends!


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