Willow Writer Rachel shares updates and photos!! 9 months to go…

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Hey everyone!

I wanted to share some important changes with you. We have officially changed our wedding colors. We are going to do bridesmaid dresses in black and have the platinum as one of the accent colors. Michael is going to wear a black tux with white on white and the groomsmen will have the platinum incorporated into their outfits. I am very excited about this. I originally wanted black but Michael was against it saying there would be too much black, but I finally won him over with the idea. We will be putting black attire preffered, or something along those lines on the invitations.

I also have picked white Anemones as the flowers my bridesmaids will carry. I am so excited! I still have not completely decided on what kind of flowers I want for myself.

We also decided to go with a cake that has cupcakes under it. I love the idea. I feel like cake gets neglected at weddings and I think that the cupcakes will be a big hit.

We are going to be sending out save the dates to our out of town guests soon. I am originally from Ohio and my friends and family are there and I want to make sure they have enough notice. I will share them with everyone as soon as we receive them.

We also have decided on our DJ and Photo Booth services. I feel like it is all coming together and the stress is going away every step closer I get. We only have nine more months!

I still need to decide where to order the cake from. I have narrowed it down to Bethel Bakery and Pasties Ala Carte. If anyone has any input please help me! All suggestions will be a huge help. I know what I want just need to decide where to go.

My wedding shower will be in Ohio and we are planning a Vegas theme since that is where we are going on our honeymoon. My bridesmaid, Julie, has already came up with so many great ideas.

I am also going to post two hairstyles that I love. I think I am wearing my hair down but I am still throwing around the idea of having it up. I am so excited to be marrying my best friend, and I love sharing all the details with everyone 🙂

You will be hearing more from me soon.  – Rachel

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  1. Dana P. said,

    Hi Rachel! I am also writing for the Willow Room. I love your ideas! I think black and white are so elegant! Can’t wait to read more!

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