Willow Writer Rachel shares photos and wedding party details!!

October 31, 2011 at 3:51 pm (Willow Writers)

Hi again!

  This is Rachel and I would love to share a few wedding details that we have with all of you. We have asked our close friends to be attendants and they all were ridiculously happy. I will be having a Kuma ( Maid of Honor) , Matron of honor and six bridesmaids. Michael will be having two best men which are called the Kum, Startsvat and 6 groomsmen. Michael is Serbian Orthodox and I am Russian. I will be converting over to his church by the end of the year. Pretty much all of this is new for me. I am very excited that we will be having our wedding at Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox church. The church is absolutely AMAZING. My soon to be sister in law Julie has been helping me a lot with explaining how things are done . It has been a huge help!  The Wedding ceremony is going to be so beautiful. I don’t think I posted a picture of my ring last time so I will this time. Michael did a great job picking it out. It is so sparkly and I love it!

  We have picked and finalized our colors! I was very undecided because I really wanted yellow to be my color ever since I was a little girl. After a lot of thought, I think yellow in November is not a good idea in case of snow, and if this weekend was any indication of next year it is possible. Our colors are Platinum with purple and teal accents. I have found the dress style and color that I want my bridesmaids to wear, I will post a picture. It is beautiful, the only thing I am worried about it is laced up the back and that could be a hassle when we are getting ready trying to get everyone tied. I have found my dress too!! I cant unfortunately post it on here in case Michael was on the blog. It is so beautiful it was the third dress I tried on and knew instantly that it was the one! I took my bridal party and family to the dress shop and they loved it as well. I feel so beautiful in it and I can barely wait to wear it. It is different from any dress I have ever seen.

  We have our photographer picked too! She does amazing work and I am delighted that she will be taking our pictures on our special day. Still undecided on a DJ. We are looking into a photo booth also, the last couple of weddings we went to had them and they were so much fun. We are going to taste some samples at Bethel Bakery and Pasties Ala Cart we narrowed it down to those two places for our cake. Flowers I still have no idea what I want. I am leaning towards flowers that have a peacock feather incorporated in them. I went to a bridal show and saw a silk floral arrangement that I fell in love with. I will post a picture of that, too.  We still have a lot of planning ahead of us. I am happy with the progress made. Since our wedding is on a Sunday next year we will be sending out our save the dates in January. This will give our guests a good amount of time to request off work if need be. Since I am from Ohio it will also help our out of town guests make arrangements. It is traditional to have a Orthodox wedding on a Sunday and that’s why we chose that day.

The guest list is probably the hardest thing that we are working on. There are so many people we want to invite but we need to narrow it down. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I have so much more to do and I’m hoping not to turn into a BRIDEZILLA while doing it.

You will hear more from me soon 🙂 – Rachel

I have attached a few pictures: My bridesmaid dress, my ring!, my soon to be Mrs. Tomich bedazzled jacket from my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid, my soon to be Mrs. Tomich Jacket that was passed down from Julie. She wore it when she was marrying Michael’s brother Matt, picture of the flowers I love, and a picture of a wedding favor from a friends wedding. We are doing something similar with donations.

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  1. Erin Canterbury said,

    You will be the most beautiful bride ever!! Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Laura said,

    Hey Rachel,
    Great job on the wedding update! Can you believe it’s almost a year to the day! It’s coming up fast & will be here before you know it. I am looking forward to the wedding and helping out as much as I can.


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