Willow Writer Heidi shares her DIY invitations!

August 5, 2011 at 1:44 pm (Willow Writers)

So, I know it’s been quite awhile since our last update…and while I am sure there are numerous things to share that we’ve done in the past few weeks/months, I really wanted to just focus on one of the more recent things that we’ve accomplished.  Drum Roll please….. J  Our wedding invitations are officially printed, assembled, and mailed!!!   They were definitely a labor of love, but I am thrilled with the way they came out!  I’ve always been big on stationary, cards, etc.  Even with the whole digital age, I just think there’s just something nice about receiving a card, letter, or especially an invitation in the mail.  Though there were quite a few designs I liked on-line and in various wedding magazines; the ones I gravitated towards most were always more on the expensive end…so we actually decided that we could DIY our invitations for a lot less.  (More do it yourself ideas coming soon!)  Even though it definitely took some time to search on-line for the right colors, materials, etc. and even more time designing and especially cutting out all these pieces of paper – I am so in love with the end result!  A big thanks to all who assisted with these!  It really is kind of amazing what some ink and cardstock will turn into.

So, even though most invites will probably just be tossed away, I know there are a few people (including myself) who will hold onto it.  I am also excited to say, we’ve already received quite a few compliments on them.  See Dad…people do pay attention to these little details 🙂

I also have to say, that we basically now stalk our mailbox on a daily basis.  Dan and I have made a pact to wait until we both get home from work and open them together.  (I love that he is just as excited as I am!)  It’s so exciting to see all the responses come in.  We are both really looking forward to be able to share our wedding day with our closest friends and family!

Stay tuned – much more updates coming soon!

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