Dancing the Night Away

June 22, 2011 at 3:24 pm (Willow Writers)

Our Willow Room Bride, Susan, offers advice on making the right musical selections for your reception.  Lethal DJ’s are a Willow Room favorite, and they are fantastic at keeping your guests dancing and having a great time.  Give them a call at (724) 255-6501.  Be sure to mention The Willow Room for special offers!

The Bunny Hop, the Electric Slide, the Macarena – everyone knows what I’m talking about here.  Music for the reception of course!  Choosing the music for your wedding is a huge step in the whole wedding planning process.  Music can really establish the “fun” of a wedding – a make it or break it aspect.  Now don’t freak out! While it can be confusing, it’s also tons of fun picking and choosing what music you’re grooving to on your Big Day.

Whether you’re hiring a disc jockey or band, make sure you are comfortable with them and honest about your expectations.  Music is one of the more complicated aspects of a wedding; you need music for your grandparents, teenage cousins, and your Rock N’ Roll husband-to-be.  Being the bride, and calling most of the shots, you may feel a little overwhelmed!  Sometimes brides want a romantic and classy wedding, but how that can happen with a tipsy uncle trying to do the Cuban Shuffle, let alone the horrified look on your in-laws while your family does the Chicken Dance.  That’s why it’s important to establish what you and fiancé want played and, more importantly, DON’T want played.  Always discuss what’s important to you in your music selection. For instance, I really wanted some classy traditional wedding music (I’m in love with the whole “Father of the Bride” feel), while my fiancé insisted that all he cared about NO Chicken Dance.  While we agreed on that, we also agreed on some other group dances that might work for us.  It was nice to establish guidelines and relaying that to our DJ.

Now I’m not saying pick every song that will be played while calculating the seconds between, but I am advising that you have an idea on what type of music you would like played. Maybe you want classical music at the beginning, during the cocktail hour. This is also a good time to play some old favorites such as Frank Sinatra.  Have an idea on what genre you want played during your entrance and whether or not you want group dances.

So how do we find a common ground and a balance for the music that could make or break our weddings? Well, after doing a ton of research, reading everything from blogs to wedding websites, I have become even more confused then I was when I started. All the advice had a few things in common:

  • Choose a band (generally more expensive) or DJ that fits your needs, budget, and style. Many established companies have music planners that can help you pick out songs that are played during the cake cutting all the way to the father daughter dance. (Suggestions are always nice!)
  • Let them do their job! Sounds pretty easy, but many brides and grooms want so much control over the music that they forget that the company they hired is more than capable of doing that for them. Definitely have a list of must play songs, but give them a little wiggle room.
  • Have a DON’T play list. Unless you want the song that you are your ex-boyfriend deemed “your song” played, please make this list.
  • Always plan for music that will be fun and comfortable for everyone. (Tip: set older individuals like your great-aunt AWAY from the speakers or band, not only will this help their sanity, but having the younger people closer to the dance floor will help get the party started!)

Wishing you luck in your wedding planning,


P.S. The most important thing is to have fun and remember your comfortable dance shoes!


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