Update from Willow Writer Heidi- 6 months to go!!

March 17, 2011 at 7:20 pm (Willow Writers)

This past weekend Dan and I traveled to Virginia for a friend’s wedding.  Most likely the last wedding we will be attending before ours…and even more exciting…perhaps my last wedding as a Bridesmaid!  Now don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely loved being part of all these celebrations…but after 6 times as a Bridesmaid and once as a Maid of Honor, I am definitely excited about moving up to the role of Bride!  Since it wasn’t a Western PA wedding, there wasn’t a Bridal (Money) Dance or Cookie Table…but it was still a fantastic time and makes me even more excited for our big day!

We also recently started part two of our marriage counseling classes.  The first part, which wrapped up at the beginning of the year was to complete a ten week course with other newly engaged couples.  Now we are working on the second part – where we meet as a couple with our Pastor.  We absolutely adore our Pastor! He’s a younger guy, super down to earth…which definitely helps to take the pressure off the situation.  This past week we had to take a compatibility assessment – 165 questions long!  I mean this covered everything, from how we were raised, to views on children, money, etc.  I am really familiar with many career and personality assessments, because of my job…so it will definitely be interesting to see the results.  The results should be back in a few weeks, so more to come.  Sure hope we’re compatible . 🙂

We also started talking about our ceremony – readings and other things that we might want to be included.  Dan and I have thought about it…but I have to be honest, I feel like we’ve spent a lot more time and energy focusing on the reception so far.  It was a nice reminder to help remember what the day is really about.  Other than that, just starting to work our way through the never ending list of small things to buy, make, etc. 

Lots of exciting things happening in the next coming weeks – plans to register, our tasting has been scheduled – YUM!  So stay tuned!


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