Willow Writer Heidi – Sandy Beaches Are On Her Mind!

February 16, 2011 at 4:08 pm (Willow Writers)

Remember the television show, Seinfeld? The show about pretty much nothing? Well…that is exactly what this blog is about…absolutely nothing. 😉 Seriously, we have not done one single bit of wedding planning, since our last blog!

Maybe it’s the weather, or busy schedules, or maybe it’s because 2011 has gotten off to a hectic start…but whatever it is, we need to step it into gear! As I mentioned in our last blog we have all of our big vendors booked…so I guess the sense of urgency really isn’t there. I now feel like we need to focus our attention on smaller details and some crafty projects. (I know Dan is looking forward to these!)

I have a long list of DIY projects (Do It Yourself) so hopefully I can channel some Martha Stewart and knock some of these projects out in the near future. I am by no means claiming to be a super crafty person…but these websites are pretty inspiring, so we’ll see what we can pull off.

I also have this great Wedding Planner that has been sitting on our coffee table…so maybe I will actually open it and start organizing all of this info. The one “big” thing we have yet to book is our Honeymoon – so hopefully we can spend one of these upcoming cold evenings looking at some warm tropical locations. Sand, sun, blue – green water is definitely in our future! So, all in all not much happening at the moment, but I promise – I will definitely have more to report in the coming weeks!

Anyone have any honeymoon ideas for Heidi and Dan? Please share.


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