Willow Writer Heidi picked her bridesmaid dresses and much more!

January 20, 2011 at 7:51 pm (Willow Writers)

Hello 2011! Now, I can finally say we are getting married this year – YEA! Still a little over eight months to go… but I also know there are so many things to do and that time is going to continue to fly by! I am happy to report, that Dan and I accomplished quite a few things over our Christmas break. (or as grown-ups call it…vacation. Since we both work in education, we will probably always live life in breaks, semesters, etc.) …so as of now we have all of the “big” things booked. (at least – I hope we do!)

Over break, we scoped out our ride for the big day and decided on a 16 passenger limo bus! Well it may not look quite as nice on the outside, as some limos; it is definitely decked out on the inside which should provide everyone with a fun time on the way from the church to the Willow Room! I also love the fact that it is a bus, since the girls will all be able to stand and not have to worry about our dresses and of course, our hair 😉

Speaking of dresses…we made a trip back to the bridal salon this past weekend to place our bridesmaid dress order and begin to scope out tuxes. I am super fortunate to have the best bridal party ever (Shout out to Danielle, Janeen, Julie, Lindy, and Laura!) and so deciding on a dress that everyone likes (and hopefully loves) was pretty easy. Dresses should be ordered by the end of the month! I also snuck another peek at my dress…have I mentioned, I love it?!

Over break, Dan and I also went to Bethel Bakery for our cake tasting! Umm…one word…YUM! We tasted quite a few flavors, but one of our favorites was the white almond. We are also adding the strawberry filling…so it should be extra tasty! Bethel Bakery is another one of the Willow Room’s preferred vendors…and was so great and easy to work with. They had a ton of designs to choose from and are really flexible. Dan and I actually liked two different designs and so they are going to put elements of the two together to customize a cake just for us! Besides, the cake and limo, we also booked another vendor over break that will hopefully add a little extra fun for everyone! But, for now…I think we’ll keep it a surprise. 🙂

Heidi's Bridesmaid Dress


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