Willow Writer Heidi finds her dress and shows off some engagement photos!

December 17, 2010 at 3:54 pm (Willow Writers)

Just heard “These are a Few of my Favorite Things,” while listening to some holiday music on my computer…so I thought for this blog, I would share one of my ultimate favorite things so far as far as our wedding.  For those faithful readers, I actually hinted about it last time… my DRESS! Love, love, love it!  I must say, I was a little hesitant at first about the whole dress shopping experience, mainly because I am definitely not a size 2.  I also wanted to be sure to live up the experience, since I heard from so many others that they wished they had tried on more dresses and I only plan on doing this whole wedding thing once. 

My first appointment was at a bridal shop in Monroeville – my consultant was pretty helpful, pulling many different dresses to try on.  Once, I got the whole dive into the dress move down, we were able to try on lots of dresses.  By the end of the appointment, I had narrowed it down to four dresses that I considered to be in the running – but still wanted to visit another bridal shop, just to be sure I found “the one.”  My second appointment did not start out as great as the first.  The second bridal shop, I visited in Greensburg – is one, where you have to pull your dresses yourself.  So, here we are – my Mom, Sister, and rest of my fabulous bridal party wading through all of these dresses.  This may sound a little over dramatic, but some of those dresses were super heavy – I could have lost a loved one in all that satin and taffeta 😉 After pulling a few dresses that I liked – my sister and I (consultant was finishing up with another client) went into the dressing room to start trying them on.  Although laughing hysterically, while she is trying to help with the swim/dive move (she is about 5 inches shorter than me), I am beginning to not enjoy this experience as much as the first.  The dresses just weren’t fitting right, or I didn’t really like them, etc.  At this point, the bridal consultant comes back in and says she has a dress upstairs that just came in – that she thought would be perfect.  So, after she returns… we try the dress, and guess what?  She was right, it was perfect!  (Thanks Sue!) I then walked out to show all my favorite girls and they loved it too!  They started comparing pictures of the four dresses at the other bridal shop with this one, and the feeling was pretty unanimous, that this was winner.  Once I tried it with a veil, I just knew it was “the one.”  It’s totally different than what I thought it would be…it’s not white, it has a lot more detail, than I thought I would ever want…but it is amazing!  So after approval from my Mom, Sister, and Bridesmaids…I still wanted one of my favorite guy’s opinion.  So…a few days later, my Mom and I along with my Dad J  returned for another view of the dress.  Sue even had it steamed and hanging up waiting for me.  My Dad loved it just as much as we did.  Counting down the days until I get to wear it!

Last post, I mentioned that we had our engagement session – so here are a few favorites!

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