Willow Writer Heidi tells us what she’s been up to!

November 22, 2010 at 4:05 pm (Willow Writers)

Since deciding on The Willow Room, we’ve made lots of progress in our planning and checking off some of those big “To Dos.” 

Once we signed our contract with the Willow Room, Kim mailed us a list of preferred vendors which has definitely come in handy.  The cool thing is that we can choose to use the preferred vendors, or find vendors on our own.  Plus the preferred vendors usually come with some kind of discount –which is super helpful!  We’ve already booked our DJ, our photographer, and chose The Willow Room’s preferred vendor McShane Florist for our flowers.  My mom and I recently met for a first consultation with Amy, from McShane’s – and she is fantastic to work with.  I am still looking around for a few ideas…but I think I have a pretty good idea of what our bouquets and centerpieces will look like – exciting!

 Dan and I also just had our engagement session last week with our amazing photographer, so hopefully I can include a photo or two from our session in my next blog.  So – still a few big things to go…but we are coming along.  I also found my dress!!!  Love, love, love it!…but I think I will save the dress shopping experience for another blog, because every wedding dress deserves its own dedicated blog post.  🙂  

Other than that, we have been really focusing a lot of energy on the house.  We need to switch back into wedding planning mode soon, since I feel like time is racing by.  There is a wedding site that I visit frequently (maybe too frequently!) and it gives a countdown to your wedding.  I remember first creating an account, and seeing over 400 days to go…now my countdown is almost under 300! I know this may still seem like a long time, but it’s amazing at how many things there are to think about and do. 

Plus…now that I’ve found out Will and Kate just got engaged (Heidi is referring to Prince William that is, haha!) and will be planning a 2011 wedding, I told Dan we need to step it up.  I mean, I totally don’t want ours to be overshadowed by theirs!  All I got was a dirty look 😉 

Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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