Willow Writer Heidi On Choosing The Willow Room!

November 3, 2010 at 3:18 pm (Willow Writers)

After we returned from our cruise, Dan and I quickly dove into the whole wedding planning process.  We definitely didn’t want to wait too long before getting married (seeing as that we are not getting any younger!), and we also wanted to be able to have enough time to plan the wedding that we both dreamed of having.  We figured a year would give us plenty of time to plan, (although time is already moving by way too fast!) so we quickly decided on a late summer/early fall timeframe… but we still had to choose a venue that was accommodating to the number of guests we were looking for, and affordable at the same time.  This, my friends… is not always so easy to do!  I have expensive taste (as I’m sure my parents, and now Dan can vouch for) and although my ultimate dream wedding may still be at Cinderella’s castle…or on some tropical island, we were determined to also find a nice venue in Western PA so that all our family and friends could attend.  As appealing as a destination wedding sounded (and still sounds), we both realize it is really about being able to celebrate with the people that are closest to us… so Western PA it is! 

We definitely knew we wanted my parent’s pastor to marry us, so we knew we would be looking southeast of the city.  Although there are quite a few great choices, in our local area…it proved a little challenging to find something meeting all of the above requirements, in addition to finding a place where my family/friends haven’t already attended numerous receptions.  Dan and I started by searching online, what seemed like 24/7 and calling/emailing numerous places.   Oddly enough, The Willow Room was actually the first placed I emailed.  I had attended a cousin’s baby shower last spring, and it was fantastic…so I knew it was definitely near the top of my list.  They were also one of the few venues, that actually followed up with an email and a phone call…which I think just goes to show how customer service oriented they are.  We quickly set a date to tour the venue and so one Friday morning… Dan and I, along with my parents and sister (after a night of Jimmy Buffett fun) visited the Willow Room.  I had totally forgotten that the outside looks more like an office building, so I think some of our party might have been a little skeptical at first.  But, when you take the elevators and arrive at the top floor and exit…it’s like this little Aha! Moment.  One where there should be someone welcoming you with a tune on a grand piano or something (hmm… wonder if I can work this into our budget?!) So, it’s just like I remembered…absolutely gorgeous…it will be perfect!  We are still in our beginning stages of working with the Event Coordinators, but so far it’s been great and we are thrilled to be working with them.  We’ve checked off many more of our major “To-Dos,” but I’ll save more for another day! 

P.S. On a random side note…we just bought a house!  Not just any house, but my Grams’ house…so I actually feel as if we’ve already bought a home.  We’re excited to make it our home and build upon the already existing great memories.  So much has happened for us this year…but I guess timing is everything!  So, in addition to the craziness of planning a wedding, we’ve added this house buying/remodeling thing to the mix!  Life sure is busy… 🙂

Heidi and Dan's 1st home


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