Willow Writer Dana – 11 days till the big day!

August 10, 2010 at 2:25 pm (Willow Writers)

Just a little note from the bride. Sorry that I’ve been MIA… life has gotten a little crazy and final details have been consuming my life!  Anyway, last time I wrote, I was scheduled to meet with Kim, at The Willow Room, to discuss our final details.  Kim was very understanding to my work schedule and even scheduled to meet with me on a Saturday morning… in between setting up for an afternoon event. Unfortunately, Justin had to work, so I took my Mom with me!

 When we sat down with Kim, it really put my mind at ease seeing how organized she was with all things pertaining to my event.  With Kim’s help, we planned the entire evening from start to finish. First, we finalized our hors d’oeuvres, salad, and soup selections, the most important final detail right, the food! Afterwards, we confirmed the overall room layout, lighting effects, timeline, and course events (before dinner).  Kim was so helpful in helping us see the big picture. It was especially nice to see a room set-up in progress, as Kim took time away from setting up centerpieces to sit down with my Mom and me.

At the conclusion of our final details meeting, Kim explained that a final invoice and room diagram (for seating chart) would be sent my way in a matter of days. Love that… so my final step is to provide final counts and place our guests around the room!!

 I must say, it really is a comforting feeling having our wedding at The Willow Room. We don’t have to go the night before to decorate, we don’t have to rent dishes or flatware, and we don’t have to lease any special lighting…. it’s all right there and ready for us. And, let me tell you, it feels great having one less thing to worry about (thanks, Kim!).

 Talk soon! I’ll be posting more shortly – 11 days away!


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