Willow Writer Dana: One month till the wedding!

July 19, 2010 at 5:47 pm (Willow Writers)

Final details…

It’s funny…. wedding planning was very laid back in early spring, which was a nice change of pace. But now, it’s like a mad dash to tackle all of the final details.

So, what have we been up to, you ask? Well….TONS! Here’s a break down of our last few weeks:

 On June 19th, Justin chose a local tuxedo store in Greensburg where he picked a very classic tuxedo. Justin will be wearing a solid white satin vest with a satin white tie that has some striping. The groomsmen and fathers are wearing the same style as Justin but in black satin. We chose to keep it simple and sophisticated by not trying to match the vests/ties to my bridesmaids raspberry pink gowns. I believe most of the guys have been measured (yay!) – Another thing checked off of our list. 

 On June 23rd, I mailed our wedding invitations, requesting responses by July 24th.  A piece of advice: work on the invitation assembly (directions, hotel accommodations, etc) and labels (or calligraphy) a little bit at a time. I tried to do everything all at once and, although it turned out just fine, it was surprisingly time consuming (but so fun!) So, with sending out our invitations comes the excitement of receiving mail (the responses) everyday!

 On June 27th, I met with the organist at the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral after Sunday mass.  He was so helpful with planning our liturgy and he provided a template for our programs. In the next few days, I have to confirm our readers and print our programs.

 On June 30th, Justin and I applied for our marriage license – so official!

 On July 9th, Justin’s family and my family had dinner at a local restaurant that Justin’s Mom Helen booked for our rehearsal dinner. It was such a nice evening together, good company and great food. Having a dinner party gave us the opportunity to try several menu items and then we could finalize our rehearsal dinner menu.

 Also, on July 9th, there was a serious cookie discussion.  There will definitely not be a shortage on sweets at our reception. In addition to our delicious white almond with fresh raspberries wedding cake (which, I still have to finalize our design, one more thing on my list!), our Moms, Aunts and friends are busy planning our favorite cookie recipes. There will be hundreds of homemade cookies; luckily The Willow Room has two cookie stations!

Coming up this week….

On July 24th, I will have my final details meeting with Kim at The Willow Room. We can’t wait to put the special, final touches on our dream wedding.

 Also, I have to take steps to finalize our favors.

So, as you can see… our last few weeks have been very busy.  I’ll keep you posted as we continue to countdown to our wedding day!

Thanks, Dana! We feel the excitement right along with you!


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