Bridal Fashion Update from Willow Writer Dana!

July 14, 2010 at 3:08 pm (Willow Writers)

Well, I am excited to report that I will have my first gown fitting this week. Luckily, I do not have to go far to find a seamstress – she’s my Mom! My Mom has really put her sewing and creative talents to work with the wedding. In addition to altering my gown, she also made me an elegant veil.

I was looking for a sheer drop veil, no glitter or piping, but we couldn’t find one that I loved. So, my Mom actually found a video tutorial online on how to make drop veil, and realized, as she put it, “this was a no brainer.” The veil she made is absolutely perfect, and it is even more special knowing that she made it. To go with my simple veil, my Mom bought me three crystal hair pins from a Greensburg bridal store for my birthday in June. I plan to take the veil off during our reception, so I’ll have a little sparkle in my hair.

Speaking of sparkle, I have my wedding day jewelry all set too! My Mom and Dad bought me drop diamond earrings for my wedding day – they are gorgeous. I have decided to not wear a necklace because the dress has enough sparkle; these earrings add just the right touch of elegance. Also, my Mom took crystal beads from one of my late Grandma’s necklaces and made herself a necklace and will be making me a bracelet – how special!

Anyway, my Mom not only took care of my wedding day fashion, but she also altered and steam pressed five bridesmaid’s dresses as a gift to my girls; because alterations at a bridal store can be very expensive. In addition, she made two flower girl dresses for my nieces Giana and Libby. They are darling! Giana put her dress on and said, “I am a princess.” And, yes she was. The gowns are white with similar bead work and sequins that you will find on my gown.

Mom has also made a card holder for the reception, which is a beautiful white basket draped in shimmer tool and organza roses. As you can see, my Mom has been just as busy. I think this week she plans to tackle pew bows and start baking – she is nonstop! My Mom and I are very close, so sharing in all of the girly wedding details has been so special!

Thanks, Dana! And way to go, Mom! We can’t wait to see pictures.


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