Willow Writer Dana tells us about THE DRESS!

July 6, 2010 at 2:41 pm (Willow Writers)

Last year, I was doing a little late night internet surfing for wedding gowns. Soon, I came across the Mori Lee website and really fell in love with the soft, romantic styles. So, here I am, in my jammies looking at pages and pages of Mori Lee gowns – when I found it. Now, everyone says, “You’ll know it’s your dress, “the one”, when you put it on.” Was it possible to have that same “moment” over the internet? I would love to sit here and gush about every stitch and sequin and crystal on this gown; however, I can’t give you too many details on the dress at the moment (incase a certain groom named Justin would be reading this). But let me assure you, this dress is so elegant and feminine…so me. Anyway, I wrote down all of the style information, and I planned on searching my local bridal stores for this dream dress in the morning.

 While at work the next day, I emailed Justin’s Mom, Helen, about this dress. She fell in love with it, too! We both set out on a mission to find it. I knew that one bridal store in Greensburg was a Mori Lee distributor, so I tried them first. Nope… they did not have this dress in their stock. Helen was busy calling the entire STATE searching for this gown, as well as Maryland, Ohio and West Virginia. No bridal stores carried it – strange! But, of course, each store said they could order it in for me, but I had the obligation to purchase it! I don’t think so.  I just wanted to see it in person… there was something so special about this dress.  So, Helen called her friend, the owner of the bridal store in Greensburg (that I had already contacted, but had no luck finding this dress). At the end of their conversation, we found out the gown was coming into stock. When they placed their stock order, they ordered “my” dress in the color and size that I needed. 

 Now, during my wait, I had continued to shop for dresses, but I kept comparing everything to this Mori Lee gown. Several weeks later, I received a call from the Greensburg bridal store – it was here. My Mom, Helen and I went to the store to finally see this dress in person.  The sales girl took me back into a fitting room where the gown was hanging – it was stunning. I slipped into the dress and walked out to greet my Mom and Helen. They both smiled and teared up as I turned to look at myself in the three-way mirror. As I stared at my reflection, I felt beautiful, and I knew at that moment, this dress was perfect. No one else had tried this dress on, so I bought it right on the spot. It was the dress!!

We can’t wait to see pictures, Dana!!


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