Willow Writer Dana had her bridal shower!

June 29, 2010 at 6:11 pm (Willow Writers)

Dana and her bridal party

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On, June 13th, I celebrated my bridal shower surrounded by the most important women in my life. My Mom and five bridesmaids hosted the shower at a local banquet facility, where we enjoyed a lovely sit down luncheon together. It was a perfect day!

When I arrived to my bridal shower, the room looked absolutely beautiful. We had potted pink dahlias in the center of each table, which later served as a door prize. My favors were the traditional umbrella filled with five almonds and on pink card stock I wrote the Italian tradition of the five wedding almonds. On the welcome table, my Mom had placed a parasol that had my name on it, which was a gift from my godmother for my 5th birthday – so special! Next to the parasol, I placed our engagement picture and a memory vase full of roses in honor of our two grandmothers.  The entire room was very pink, very girly…. It looked wonderful!

Before lunch was served, I welcomed everyone by saying that each guest was here today because they are a special woman in my and Justin’s life.  After I thanked everyone for coming, I then explained that I would like to introduce a few very special ladies in my life. I started by introducing my bridal party…and then my voice began to crack as I held back the tears. For each girl, I wrote a very personalized introduction about our friendship and how lucky I am to have had their life touch mine.  Next, I introduced my Grandma, Justin’s Godmother, and my Godmother.  In closing, I introduced my future Mother-in-law (Helen), and explained that Justin wouldn’t be the man that I love, if he didn’t have Helen as his Mom.  Lastly, I introduced my Mom (Dianne) by saying I wouldn’t be the woman that stands before you, if it was not for the love of this woman beside me. With that first line… if you weren’t teary eyed already, you were now (I know this, because I watched the video of my shower… we were all weepy eyed during the entire introduction… such a moment!).  Shortly after the introductions, my Matron of honor, Aislinn, read a beautiful blessing that she wrote especially for this day – very touching! 

Lunch was served and followed by the most delicious cake EVER. While people were enjoying cake and coffee, my bridesmaid (cousin) Keena announced that it was time for the one and only game of the afternoon. Now, me personally, I don’t really like the traditional bridal shower games… I think people are exhausted by the norm. So, we played the left-right game. If you are looking for a different game idea, this one really went over well and all of the guests had so much fun with it! On each table, there was a gift box wrapped in pink with white ribbons that served as the prize!  For the left-right game, I wrote the story of our proposal. While writing it, I made sure that I pumped the story with lots of Lefts and Rights. You see, each time Keena read Left or Right, you had to pass the prize accordingly – so you better listen! People loved to hear of Justin’s proposal and anxiously anticipated the fate of the prize as it was passed around the table. For the prize, every table was the same, a necklace from Hallmark with inspirational words on it (Dream, inspire, love, etc). This was a big hit!

After our only game, it was time for me to start opening some presents. I stood up on a riser, behind a head table that just overflowed with presents. This was a great set up, so each guest could hear me and see me as I went through each item. The presents. Wow… All I can say is that Justin and I are truly blessed. We received such wonderful gifts that will be very helpful as we establish our first home. In addition to the presents at the head table, each guest brought us an item to fill our pantry (spices, paper products, dry goods) – as was asked on the invitations. Justin and I have such a great start thanks to everyone who made our bridal shower such a special day.  As I opened gifts, my Mom would ring a bell and I would pick a name from the basket filled with the addressed Thank you envelopes. If I picked your name, you could go to the prize table and pick a gift basket. Each bridesmaid and Justin’s Mom made a gift basket including themes like: Dellalos, Pier 1, Kitchen, Bath and Body, Gardening, and Wine.  I loved this idea, and the baskets were amazing.  I think our guests really enjoyed the chance to win a lovely basket versus little gifts while playing five games.

I would love to share each and every gift that I received, but that may get a little crazy. So, instead, I’d like to share the special gifts from our Mom’s.  My Mom Dianne made a wedding cake by stacking gift boxes. Each box held a very special gift, for instance: a handkerchief with our wedding date embroidered on it, Lenox toasting flutes, lingerie and whimsical pillow cases, my bridal dance money bag and ring bearer pillows (which she made out of the fabric from the wrap that came with my gown), and an embroidered hoody that read “Mrs. Smith.”   The presentation was beautiful, and each item had so much thought behind it. I loved it!   Justin’s Mom Helen bought my entire online china registry (minus my service for twelve, bought by two guests). Helen bought pasta bowls, serving bowls, an entertaining set, a cake pedestal, and the list continues. In addition to filing my china hutch, she bought us cases (yes, CASES) of garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, tissues. Also, she filled an entire Rubbermaid container with pantry items and cleaning products. Lastly, Justin received a weed eater from his Mom. She really spoiled us!

As the day was coming to a close, Justin made his appearance while carrying in a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He arrived just in time to mingle with some guests and to pack everything into the three SUV’s and 1 pick up truck needed to haul our gifts home.

 There were so many special and creative ideas at my bridal shower. I tried to include some that maybe you would like to use for the next shower you plan or even your own. My bridal shower was such a most special moment. I am so grateful to have so much love, support and friendship surrounding us as we quickly approach our wedding day.

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Dana and her mom


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