Willow Writer Dana fills us in on her bridal party and some organizing tips

June 8, 2010 at 1:26 pm (Willow Writers)

As Justin and I started booking wedding day vendors, I decided to organize a wedding binder. I made a huge (HUGE) wedding binder to keep track of all-things-wedding. I divided the binder into the following categories (by using printable tabs): bridal gown/accessories, bridal party gifts, DJ, cake, ceremony, favors, flowers, honeymoon, invitations, photographer, videographer, tuxedos, The Willow Room.

For me, this just made life a little easier and it was a nice way to keep track of my notes, vendor quotes, pay-offs, correspondence, receipts, samples, ideas, etc.

The Bridal Party!

In the midst of all the details and planning, Jus and I needed to decide on the members of our bridal party.  The easiest was deciding on the littlest bridal party members first!  Our 2 flower girls are my nieces Giana and Libby. And, the 2 ring bearers are Justin’s nephew Luke and my nephew Joey.  For the rest of the bridal party, we decided to keep it at 5 attendants each.  Justin asked his brother Kris to stand beside him as his best man. He also asked his childhood best friend Jason, my two older brothers, Nick and Ed (which meant a lot to me) and his friend of many years, Pete.  I asked my 5 best friend girlfriends to stand beside me. My best friend from high school Aislinn is my matron of honor, Danielle, Carly, Robin (who is married to groomsman Jason), and my cousin Keena. 

We put a lot of thought into who we asked to stand beside us, because it is their love and friendship that inspires us everyday.

Thanks for the post, Dana!


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