Willow Writer Dana Tells Us About Justin’s Proposal and More!

June 1, 2010 at 1:20 pm (Willow Writers)

After three years together, Justin proposed on December 12th, 2008, during a weekend trip to Chicago.  His proposal was all that I wanted and more than I deserved… pure sweetness. Even though, as a girl, you know it’s coming, his proposal still caught me by surprise. I have never felt so loved.

 We flew back home on December 13th and fell into a whirlwind of engagement celebrations and holiday festivities. It was such an exciting time for us… our hearts were full.

After life settled down, my first task as a new bride-to-be was to set our wedding date and make sure my church was available.  I contacted my parish, The Blessed Sacrament Cathedral (Greensburg) to secure our wedding date. August 21, 2010. It’s official. Wow. The first of many wedding plans that make it feel…. well, real.  Next on my “To do’s before I do” was to start researching local reception venues.  With my Mom beside me, we traveled all around Greensburg, North Huntington, and Mt. Pleasant, in search of our perfect reception venue. However, no local venues offered the ambiance that we were searching for and we didn’t want to ask our guests to drive into Pittsburgh for our reception. *Sigh* the search continued….

Deciding on The Willow Room…

We entered the WillowPointe Plaza complex and I must admit I felt a little skeptical and intimidated by the numerous active professional offices in this one location. I wasn’t sure if that is how I envisioned my reception site. But, my excitement to tour The Willow Room, after viewing the Website, quickly diminished those negative thoughts.

Justin and I, along with my parents, hopped into the elevator and rode to the top floor, which we all agreed was a really unique element that we thought our guests would enjoy. As the elevator doors opened, the lobby before us was absolutely magnificent with rich décor and crystal chandeliers. What a regal first impression and we knew the best was yet to come.  My previous negative thoughts on the entire building had disappeared; The Willow Room’s presentation was flawless.

As we stepped into the lobby, we were promptly greeted by the Sales Representative, who, by the way, was very accommodating with her time for us (due to our work schedules).  She led us into the ballroom where we were welcomed by a grand room completely enclosed by windows. The breath-taking golden hues of the décor and dramatic crystal chandeliers offered a rich and romantic ambiance – exactly what we have been in search of!  The Sales Representative was very informative and explained several advantages of this ballroom:  the space could accommodate a large guest list, there was a sizable dance floor, two bars (and two cookie stations!), special effects lighting (for instance, very low dim for our first dance as husband and wife), and the list continued.  We were thrilled.  At the conclusion of our tour, Justin and I made our way to the dance floor.  Once on the dance floor, directly under the main chandelier, Justin hugged me and whispered, “Can’t you just see us dancing here?”  And, his sweet comment was exactly what I had been thinking … The Willow Room was exactly what I have always dreamt of.  This was where we would be introduced as Mr. and Mrs., share our first dance as husband and wife, laugh at the bridal party toasts, and tear up during our parent’s wedding wishes. It would be this room that would hold all of the dearest people in our lives at the same time… for one special night.  The Willow Room was our room.


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